$1.3 billion for bicycle storage?

When the new Bank of America tower opens in New York next year, it will be the city’s second-tallest building.

A building of this size has enormous heating, cooling, and lighting costs. In an effort to reduce these costs, as well as minimize the environmental impact, the designers have come up with some novel approaches.

Waterless urinals for the men’s rooms will save 3 million gallons of water each year. Floor to ceiling windows made from low iron glass let in more light. An innovative AC system does away with the traditional ductwork, yet works far more effectively. A natural gas turbine provides 80% of the tower’s peak electrical needs, and is more efficient than connecting the building to the city’s grid, which loses 70% of it’s efficiency just transporting electricity.

So what does all this have to do with bikes? I was happy to read that this $1.3 billion building will also have secure bike storage and shower access. The single speed/fixie guys will have a safe place to lock their bikes up.

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