Midwest Industries Pistol Brace Compatible Beam

The Midwest Industries Pistol Brace Compatible Beam (MWI Beam Brace) and Ruger’s PC Charger are a match made in gun heaven. With the ability to accept either select Ruger magazines or Glock 9mm magazines, the PC Charger is a popular choice for enthusiasts. The fact that it’s got a strong aftermarket doesn’t hurt either. Of … Read more

DNZ Game Reaper One-Piece Rimfire Scope Mount

Adding a DNZ Game Reaper mount to my Ruger American Rimfire project rifle was a logical upgrade. While I was perfectly content with the scope I had mounted on it, it did look a little chunky. That’s because the Vortex Diamondback Tactical has a 30mm tube, and I used some tactical-looking heavy-duty rings. I recently … Read more

Stocking Stuffers from TandemKross

While I am calling these items “stocking stuffers”, they’re really a collection of modestly-priced TandemKross accessories. If TandemKross was a gas station with a mini-mart, these would be displayed next to the register. They’re the items you don’t necessarily need, but they can make your (shooting) life a little easier. And the most expensive one … Read more