Go for the Gold with the TandemKross Steam Demon Compensator

TandemKross Steam Demon Compensator in gold, on a Taurus TX22

This Steam Demon Compensator from TandemKross has become a pretty popular accessory. Not just because it’s a nice .22LR compensator that’s also easy to clean. It’s one of the few rimfire muzzle devices available with a gold finish. While I typically equate gold on firearms with nefarious dictators and gucci builds, the gold Steam Demon … Read more

DPM Systems Mechanical Recoil Reduction System, Part One

DPM Systems Mechanical Recoil Reduction System

DPM Systems offers its Mechanical Recoil Reduction System for a variety of firearms. While they sell a broad range of products for different firearms, I chose to focus on the CZ P10 series pistols first. These lightweight polymer pistols are affordable, reliable, and have decent triggers, right out of the box. They also seem to … Read more