Midwest Industries Pistol Caliber Carbine Block for Glock®

With the popularity of PCCs, the Midwest Industries Pistol Caliber Carbine Block for Glock® is a welcome addition to my tool bench. It’s a polymer vise block designed for firearms that take Glock® magazines. Since I have both the Ruger PC Carbine and PC Charger, it’s something I can put to use fairly often. And … Read more

New Extar EM9-18 Magazines

You don’t even have to be a fan of Austrian polymer pistols to appreciate the new Extar EM9-18 magazines. They’ll fit Glock-pattern pistols, of course. But they will also work in any pistol caliber carbine that accepts the same pattern magazines. And the PSA Dagger 9mm pistols. Plus, they are compatible with one of my … Read more

Why Rimfire?

Kinetic Research Group (KRG) 10/22 Bravo Chassis

Although I’m known for a collection of firearms that is mostly rimfire, I do have some centerfire options as well. But people ask me why I have such a preference for rimfire. Some suggest that maybe it’s because they’re inexpensive. They’ve clearly never built a custom pistol or rifle. One of my most recent acquisitions … Read more

New Strike industries Micro Threaded Comps – QUAD and CIRCLE

Pistol compensators have been showing up a lot more on carry pistols as well as competition pistols. One of the problems with either is that they aren’t always holster-friendly. And with the trend towards smaller and smaller carry pistols, size really does matter. Strike Industries responded to these concerns with their new QUAD and CIRCLE … Read more