February 19, 2024
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Do the majority of our own wrenching, but on the rare occasion that I need an LBS help, have never tipped the mech with booze. A fiver does a better job.


I’m constantly needling my LBS mech for NOT charging me for service work, and let me tell you that with the km’s I clock up each month there’s plenty to be done. Mech reckons that it’s all kosher because I’ve bought four or five bikes and a scooter off them in the last few years, and besides he makes money of all the regular joes who bring their bikes in.

Well I don’t have the tools or knowhow to do all my own mech work, so if LBS goes under because servicing isn’t built into their bike prices and on top of that they don’t charge everyone then where’s that gonna leave me? Up sh*t creek without a paddle.

It doesn’t matter whether I tip the mech at all (in beer or dollars) coz he doesn’t own the shop! If I’m not getting charged a base price for servicing it doesn’t go into the shop margins, does it? Sure, there’s a sting in the retail on parts but they give me a substantial discount there as well.

I just hope they keep selling plenty of little bikes with streamers and large markups.

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