A Tony Hawk Bicycle?

I can remember when Tony Hawk was still an unknown in the skateboard world. Of course, he’s become a something of an icon in the 20 or so years since I last rode a Powell Peralta. And his clean cut image has done wonders for skating, not to mention his eleventy billion dollars in video game sales. But I recently read about his newest venture, the Tony Hawk HuckJam series bicycle.

I’m sure there is going to be some sort of freestyle BMX bike, aimed squarely at taking dollars out of Dave Mirra’s pocket. From the article, it appears that we’ll see a cheap one showing up at the X-Marts, and a more expensive line showing up at sporting goods stores. I’m not seeing any mention of bike shops though.

While I hate to sound negative, this smacks loudly of a big checkbook looking to pimp Tony’s name. Sure, he’s gotta pay the bills and feed his family. But are we really to expect something new and different? They are promising “innovative paint finishes, new types of frames, and cutting edge decal and graphics packages”, but that sounds like marketing-speak for slapping some new artwork on mass-produced Chinese product.

I can only hope it’s something more than that. Credibility can’t be bought or sold, but is easily lost.

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He also has a rollercoaster: http://www.sixflags.com/stLouis/rides/TonyHawkBigSpin.aspx

via skatenerd.com


Yes MADE IN CHINA. With a Rotor neck stem…freestyle pegs…and a sticker that says this bike isnt designed for stunting, jumping, etc but has all the parts to make it a freestyle bike?!?! When I saw it at Target I was like Oh cool but then I saw the China frame and all no-name components attached I thought Oh more money for Mr. Hawk.


Actuly, these bikes are not too bad. they come with a nice 3 pc crank and good V-Brakes. for 150 at walmart, these bikes are bad ass. I have the Jargon and it hasent broke on me yet. all the other bikes i have gotten from wally world i have broken in 2 weeks. THESE ARE QUALITY BIKES!!!


i love….. these bikes they look awsome and and ride fast and they dont look like cheap mongooses got 1 yesterday at wallmart the frisco for 129$ pretty nice bikes thanx mr. hawk


Do not buy this bike, if you are looking for a good bike, go to danscomp.com they have great bikes. but anyways i bought the bike used from someone but it was basically still brand new so i bought it. the breaks broke, the seat post broke, the handlebars snapped down and the tires always popped soo yeah i dont reccomend this bike to anyone!

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