February 19, 2024
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He also has a rollercoaster: http://www.sixflags.com/stLouis/rides/TonyHawkBigSpin.aspx

via skatenerd.com


Yes MADE IN CHINA. With a Rotor neck stem…freestyle pegs…and a sticker that says this bike isnt designed for stunting, jumping, etc but has all the parts to make it a freestyle bike?!?! When I saw it at Target I was like Oh cool but then I saw the China frame and all no-name components attached I thought Oh more money for Mr. Hawk.


Actuly, these bikes are not too bad. they come with a nice 3 pc crank and good V-Brakes. for 150 at walmart, these bikes are bad ass. I have the Jargon and it hasent broke on me yet. all the other bikes i have gotten from wally world i have broken in 2 weeks. THESE ARE QUALITY BIKES!!!


i love….. these bikes they look awsome and and ride fast and they dont look like cheap mongooses got 1 yesterday at wallmart the frisco for 129$ pretty nice bikes thanx mr. hawk


Do not buy this bike, if you are looking for a good bike, go to danscomp.com they have great bikes. but anyways i bought the bike used from someone but it was basically still brand new so i bought it. the breaks broke, the seat post broke, the handlebars snapped down and the tires always popped soo yeah i dont reccomend this bike to anyone!

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