A Very Wooly Week – Twin Six Cycling Jerseys

Twin Six (www.twinsix.com) is a small cycle wear company run by a couple of graphic designers that happen to be passionate about cycling. They’re also fed up with the industry’s notion that the only good design is garish colors and “look at me!” team kit. Rather than sticking with boringly predictable bold colors, they lean more towards bold graphics (witness the track-standing Jesus) that have something of a vintage feel, while still looking fresh and modern. Although the majority of their offerings are traditional polyester, they also have a few designs in Merino wool, which are highly regarded among cyclists. Having met them at Interbike a few years back, I can vouch for the quality of their gear, and the fact that these guys are cyclists and artists first, businessmen second. In a good way.

Forget any misconceptions you might have about wool cycling clothing, and have a look at their Wooly long sleeve jersey. Since it’s comprised of 100% Merino wool, it’s going to keep you comfortable on those cooler rider, yet it will stay dry when it warms up and you start to sweat a bit. And no worries about stinking it up, as it is fully machine washable. It’s got a short zipper up front, three deep pockets out back, and tasteful chain stitched graphics- all you need in a jersey, nothing you don’t. Get it in grey, and you won’t feel conspicuous if you’re wearing it while more than a few feet from your ride. Can’t say that for a team jersey, can you?

Another choice for year-round comfort, the Speedy Motor City is also 100% Merino. It’s got the same chain stitching for the classic graphics, plus a finely detailed chest patch. The checkered flags on the patch and across the three back pockets conjure up winning images.  If you’re not the fastest in the peloton with this on, you’ll certainly be the best-dressed. Like all Twin Six products, it’s 100% Super awesome. (It says so on their site, and I have no reason not to believe them)

According to the guys at Twin Six, their Merino hoodie is touted as the “most versatile piece of riding gear I own” by one of the godfathers of the Minneapolis cycling scene. Not surprising, when you consider the advantages wool offers over synthetics and cotton.  Here’s a piece you can wear on a ride, or a night out with friends, it won’t look out of place for either. It’s the hoodie of choice for many cyclists on and off the bike, with good reason. Features include fine embroidered details, (the black on black stitching of the Twin Six logo is so subtle, you’d hardly notice it in a photo) a three panel deep hood, high neck collar, two-way full metal zipper, zipper back/side pockets, thumb holes in the cuffs, and mad style. Included are all nine T6 patches, for fans of the brand to customize it however they see fit, or they can leave it as-is. It’s nice to have options.

– Brian

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