Adventure Technology Pursuit Kayak Paddle

I received the Adventure Technology Pursuit paddle a while back.  Here in Northwest Arkansas, we are lucky to have a variety of options for kayaking and water sports.  We have whitewater kayaking on the Mulberry, scenic cliffs on the Buffalo, fishing on the Kings, and lazy floats on the Illinois and Elk rivers.  Several small lakes great for open water paddling are available as well.

The Adventure Technology Pursuit is an adjustable, two piece paddle and is in the Sport Series.  A new ferule system allows 5cm of length adjustment and provides a way to set the feathering of the paddle.  For those new to kayaking, you need to select a length of paddle that suits you.  The length needed depends on your height, the width of your boat and paddling style.  The term feathering is about the alignment of the paddles on either end.  By rotating the ends, the paddle that is not in the water slices through the air edgewise instead of acting like a fan.  Adventure Technology has put together a Paddles 101 page that goes into better detail than we can cover here.  Check it out to learn about paddle size, shape, and more.

Adventure Technology Pursuit Kayak Paddle
Adventure Technology Pursuit Kayak Paddle

The shaft of the Adventure Technology Pursuit paddle is a fiberglass/carbon fiber blend.  The shaft comes in bent and straight varieties.  The test paddle has a straight shaft which I like very much.  The shaft has grips molded in place which are slightly flattened areas.  They add a bit of comfort and feel good in the hand.  The blades of the paddle are made from fiberglass reinforced nylon.

Adventure Technology Pursuit Kayak Paddle ferrule closeup
Adventure Technology Pursuit Kayak Paddle ferrule closeup

I am just less than 6‘1” tall and my kayak is 30 inches wide.  The test paddle is 90.5 inches (230 cm) long.  Pretty much everyone in the family from my 9 year old to me did some testing.  While a paddle of this size is not ideal for kids, my two had no troubles using it and I had a hard time getting them to share the boat.  I was thrilled to see them having a good time on the water and was more than willing to sit back and watch them go.

Adventure Technology Pursuit Kayak Paddle disassembled
Adventure Technology Pursuit Kayak Paddle disassembled

Adventure Technology says the Pursuit paddle is ideal for relaxed paddling and it worked great for us.  The paddle is a good choice for someone new to kayaks.  With the adjustable features of the paddle you can change the feathering or the length and do a bit of testing to find the best setup for you.  A single piece paddle can be lighter which may be important when paddling all day, but if you don‘t start with a super light paddle, the weight advantage may not be a factor.  Second, if you do get a more expensive, lighter paddle later on, the Pursuit will break down and make an excellent backup.  Just take the paddle apart and store it inside the hull of your boat for emergencies.

The Adventure Technology Pursuit paddle has an MSRP of $135 with a straight shaft and $195 with a bent shaft.  The paddles are available in a variety of lengths.  A new push button model is available which might reduce weight by a little bit.  Kayaking is a sport that can be done all day and you could make thousands or tens of thousands of strokes on one outing.  Small details can have a big effect on how much you are enjoying things at the end of a trip.  The Pursuit paddle is well made and comfortable to use  Check out the Adventure Technology website by clicking here.


Thanks to Adventure Technology for providing the Pursuit paddle for review.  I hope our readers find the information helpful in choosing their next paddle.

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