The Simple Shower Review

The Simple Shower is a lightweight solution for keeping clean. I recently took the Simple Shower with me on a week long camping trip. By the last day, I found that this little shower had really become a very useful tool. All you need to have at your disposal is a one or two liter bottle and you can get clean.

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First, it is quite light. It only weighs a few grams. It is also very small, as the shower head itself is just a couple of inches tall. Included in the package are two air tubes (like plastic straws but thicker and more durable) of different lengths. One is designed for longer two liter bottles and one is for shorter one liter bottles. I left them tied together. Because the straws cannot be made any shorter, you will need to have a bag with some length to put them in when not in a bottle. In all fairness, you will need to have access to a bottle and that skews the actual size of the shower. This may be an issue if you are headed to places where “no man has gone before”, because you‘ll have to pack one with you.

Using the Simple Shower is super easy. I found the assembly to be absolutely painless. Just push the correct air tube into the shower head and then screw the shower head onto a bottle. That’s it. Filling the bottle is also a cake walk. Unscrew the top of the shower head and it acts as a funnel when filling the bottle with water. Screw the top back on and you‘re ready to rock (or rinse in this case).

The Simple Shower, ready to go

The water flows well and doesn‘t need to be squeezed. The air tube sucks air into the bottle as the water empties. It is really a cool design. In no time, it became our go-to source for water when brushing teeth near our tent and rinsing our feet before entering the tent.

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Now, I need to mention one important thing in regards to the Simple Shower, which is its limited capacity. You are limited to either one, two, and in our case, two and a half liters of water. Most standard camp shower bags are ten liters. The absence of a hook for hanging the shower is also something to note, though I believe it was always intended to be held in your hand.

The Simple Shower, in use

While these two things I felt necessary to point out, I don‘t really think that they are issues with the Simple Shower itself. Mainly, just things to be aware of.  However, one design addition I would really appreciate seeing in the future is the addition of a filter to the cap. Even a washable, basic filter would be great.

All in all, I really like the ease and convenience of the Simple Shower for basic hygiene needs, feet and item rinsing, as well as for cooling off my dog. It is lightweight and great for light camping trips. Even better is the fact that it helps save the landfills through reusing bottles.

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MSRP $12.99 (On sale for $9.99 at time of review)


Thanks to Simple Shower for providing this for my review.

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