GSI Outdoors’ Glacier Stainless Camper Set Review

GSI Outdoors delivers on a diverse and compact cooking and serving solution with the Glacier Stainless Camper. Like its predecessor, The Pinnacle Camper, the Glacier Stainless Camper fits an incredible amount of cookware and serving ware in the belly of a 3-liter pot. The greatest difference being that they are using stainless steel for the … Read more

myCharge Adventure Ultra Power Bank Review

The myCharge Adventure Ultra power bank provides enough juice to charge your phone and even bring some of the comforts of your living room with you into the outdoors. This review will cover all of the main features of this awesome power bank. Power Capabilities The first thing you’re probably asking yourselves is how much … Read more

UST Brand’s Tekfire Fuel-Free Lighter Review

No matches? No problem with UST Brands‘ Tekfire Fuel-free Lighter. The Tekfire is a fuel-free lighter. That‘s right, it doesn‘t require any fuel. The Tekfire charges with a standard micro USB cable. A single charge provides dozens of arcs to get my fires, stoves, and lanterns started. Find it on Amazon! Tekfire description The outer … Read more

Cauldryn Fyre Mobile Review

Keep your favorite hot beverage at the perfect temperature all day with the Cauldryn Fyre. We’ve all been there, we prepare our favorite warm beverage using a coffee maker, the tea kettle or sometimes even just hot water from the tap. We set everything up so that when it’s first served, it is at the … Read more

Lander Moab Case Review

If you’re looking for a strong and stylish slimline case for your Galaxy or iPhone, look no further than the Moab case by Lander. Over the past few years Lander has been making a name for themselves as an outdoors-influenced lifestyle brand. Their product line features rugged functionality coupled with urban styling and the Moab case … Read more