UST Brand’s Tekfire Fuel-Free Lighter Review

No matches? No problem with UST Brands‘ Tekfire Fuel-free Lighter. The Tekfire is a fuel-free lighter. That‘s right, it doesn‘t require any fuel. The Tekfire charges with a standard micro USB cable. A single charge provides dozens of arcs to get my fires, stoves, and lanterns started.

Tekfire Fuel-Free Lighter
Tekfire Fuel-Free Lighter

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Tekfire description

The outer casing of it is rubberized and grippy, and in my experience, drop-resistant. On the bottom, it has a micro USB charging port. This is nice if you happen to forget to bring the included cable on your trip because any micro USB you may have lying around will do. Also, if you have multiple devices that use micro USB, you can simplify and just bring one cable. The charging port has a dust cover, and it is not waterproof.

The Tekfire also comes with paracord. Not just any paracord either, within the nylon threads of this paracord there is a tinder core. UST calls it Paratinder. I call it brilliant. If I find myself in an area that does not have proper kindling or tinder for me to start a fire, I just need to use a knife and cut the nylon fibers away to expose the Tinder core. Then cut a small piece off and use the Tekfire‘s arc to ignite it and light my fire. As a side note, the Paratinder may be purchased separately.


Charging The Tekfire

Charging the Tekfire is just as easy as using it to light your fire. Simply open the dust cover and plug in the micro USB cable into the charging port. Charging when completely drained takes about two hours. I have no idea how long a single charge lasts because even after a week straight of camping, the Tekfire did not run out of juice!

How to use the Tekfire

The Tekfire is simple to operate. To get started you release the lock and press the button on the cap release. Then press the power button, and a tech fire creates an electric arc that ignites the tinder or kindling. Once lit, you just close the cap and flip the lock up. It can‘t be more simple than that. The Tekfire does have a safety feature as well. When the power button is held down for longer than 10 seconds it will automatically shut off.



Not just for getting a fire started

Now, while it is great for getting fires started, it is awesome for lighting my other equipment. I‘ve used it to light stoves and lanterns. I don‘t recommend all people do this, as you need to use caution. I keep the gas as low as possible and am quick to light them and pull the Tekfire out. Trying to light a stove with the gas cranked is a really bad idea.

The Tekfire is Windproof

Lastly, while on a campout, the weather started to become breezy. My brother who was camping with us was fighting the breeze while trying to get the fire started with his matches. I passed him the Tekfire. Because the arc isn‘t affected by wind, he was able to get the fire going.

In my experience with the Tekfire, it has been reliable and ideal for getting fires and stoves lit quickly. I appreciate UST Brands sending me one to test and review.

For more info on the Tekfire Pro:
MSRP: $24.99

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