Cauldryn Fyre Mobile Review

Keep your favorite hot beverage at the perfect temperature all day with the Cauldryn Fyre. We’ve all been there, we prepare our favorite warm beverage using a coffee maker, the tea kettle or sometimes even just hot water from the tap. We set everything up so that when it’s first served, it is at the ideal temperature to drink if not just a tiny bit warmer so it will stay at that temperature a little longer. We enjoy a few sips then go about our business at the office, at home or we take our tasty beverage into the car on the way to work. By the time we arrive at our destinations or have a chance to return to take a sip, it‘s cooled off. Sometimes, it‘s just plain cold. The Cauldryn takes care of this issue entirely. The main purpose of the Cauldryn is to keep drinks at whatever temperature we want them at all the time. So whenever we take a sip, it‘s the perfect temperature.

Cauldryn Fyre Mobile
Cauldryn Fyre Mobile

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So let me explain how this works. I fill the Cauldryn with water and place it on its heating element or on its battery (if is it the Mobile version). Then I press a button on the bottle to set the temperature and press another button to start it. Within a couple of minutes, that water is ready for me to add my teabag or whatever else I am drinking. Whenever I set the bottle back onto the heating element, it will automatically heat up as necessary to keep it at the selected temperature. It’s as easy as that.

As I mentioned above there are two different versions of The Cauldryn. Both of the versions come with a heating element that plugs into the wall. The Cauldryn Fire mobile also includes a rechargeable battery.

Cauldryn Fyre Mobile
Cauldryn Fyre Mobile USB ports

Cauldryn has four different heat settings. For me personally, I found the lowest setting to be just fine. For people who may want hotter drinks the second setting would probably be good as well. However, the two hotter settings are designed to boil water. I use these mainly for cooking purposes and water purification. To reinforce this the Cauldryn uses different colored LEDs. Orange for temperatures designed for drinking and red for temperatures designed for boiling. As mentioned above, cycling through these different temperatures is done with the press of a button on the bottle.

While I do like the Cauldryn, there are some things I definitely feel I should point out as far as design and some other concerns I have in use. In my testing, the Cauldryn does not respond well if I just pour honey into cold water and then try to heat it up. Typically, the element starts to heat the water and make the familiar crackle sound. However, shortly after starting, it would stop. I believe the honey is to blame. The Cauldryn heats the honey up to the correct temperature and then shuts off like it is supposed to. The water, however, does not reach the correct temperature yet.

I also have similar struggles when making hot chocolate. I find it better to boil the water and then add the hot chocolate powder to it. Just a piece of caution though. Depending on how much hot chocolate powder is added, the Cauldryn exhibits the same behavior as it does with the honey. When I am more conservative with the hot chocolate, it works fine.

Cauldryn Fyre
Cauldryn Fyre using A/C power

The Cauldryn features a screw-on cap and a flip cap for sipping. The screw-on cap is designed to release pressure when boiling. Kind of like a pressure cooker. Because this cap is vented, the bottle is not spill-proof. If I shake up the bottle attempting to mix whatever I‘m drinking without putting a finger or thumb over the vented cap, I will spill some liquid out. I find the sipping side of the cup is too small for me. When I flip open up the cap and attempt to sip from that side my nose just hits the cap. So I can’t sip well without mashing my nose into the cap. I also find that while the cap is usually easy to pop open, it is sometimes hard to snap shut. For this reason, I typically just unscrew the other cap and drink that way.

I do like the bottle and have caught myself wishing it was bigger and held more (sometimes 16 oz is just not enough to make it through my day). Of course, the main problem with it being larger would mean it also be taller and really tall when attached to the rechargeable battery.

Speaking of the rechargeable battery, I have found that one charge of the battery will last me the entire day. If I want to use the battery another day I will have to charge it first. The battery charges using the same plug as the heating element. It also features two USB ports that can be used to charge other devices. While those two USB ports are handy, I much prefer to save the battery life for heating my water and use another charger for my devices.

Cleaning can be a chore. It’s hard to get the bottom of the bottle clean even with a brush. It would have been nice to have a brush specifically designed for the Cauldryn included. The two boiling settings are awesome. Being able to boil water with or without being plugged into the wall is nice especially when going on a short hike. I can heat water pretty much anywhere and use it with any dehydrated meal. It is also awesome for making oatmeal while at work or away from a kitchen.

Cauldryn Fyre
Cauldryn Fyre

I’ve grown accustomed to having the Cauldryn. I use it multiple times a day especially when it’s cold outside. There is just something awesome about being able to grab the bottle pretty much any time of day and enjoy my drink as if I just made it. It heats up way faster and any tea kettle I own end is nice because it makes a one or two person serving. I should also note that the bottle is insulated. Not only is it designed to deal with hot drinks, it will also do great keeping cold drink nice and chilled.

In my experience, the Cauldryn is something that I didn’t know I needed until I began to use it. Now that I do, I can’t imagine not having it. I’ve had many coworkers ask me about it. To those of you out there who love your warm beverages; coffee tea or whatever, in the cold winter months and throughout the year, this is a game changer. For those of you who may find yourself on a day hike, at a kid’s sports game, or wherever you may not have access to a fuel source or electricity, you can still enjoy your favorite drink, heat up some lunch, or prepare water for drinking.

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Cauldryn Fyre $69.99
Cauldryn Fyre Mobile $129.99

I‘d like to thank Cauldryn for sending me the Fyre Mobile to test and enjoy.

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