Duer Performance Denim Jeans

Thanks to Duer’s Performance Denim, I’ll never look at plain old jeans the same way again. And I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. Because jeans are jeans, right? Apparently not, as I’ve learned over the past month or so. Previously, if I wanted plenty of comfort and motion in my jeans, I had to go big and baggy. Hiking, climbing over fences, jumping across streams, and running from wildlife while lugging a camera is not ideal in close-fitting jeans. Sitting at work in snug jeans is not comfy either. But baggy jeans look baggy. So what do you do? Enter Duer and their Performance Denim.

Duer Performance Denim Jeans
Duer Performance Denim Jeans

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What is Performance Denim?

Duer uses L2X Performance Denim in their jeans. This is a custom fabric blend that’s 30% lighter and stronger than regular denim, with 5x the stretch. Taking it even further, L2X infuses premium denim with Spandex for stretch, COOLMAX® for moisture management, and a Silvadur™treatment for odor-neutralization. Yes, they sound a bit like running or cycling clothes (except for the denim part).


My “Relaxed Fit” jeans were designed with extra hip and thigh room. Thanks to the stretch, they only had to be a little loose, not “baggy” loose. And DUER uses a seat gusset for more motion, without fear of ripping your jeans. So squat, climb, or pull off a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. Again, cycling shorts use more panels for more comfort. Works in jeans too. By the way, that gusset, along with the inseams, back rises, and double layered back pockets are all triple stitched. These jeans are made to last.


As mentioned, I was a bit skeptical before they arrived. Because in all my years of wearing jeans, they’ve been pretty much the same. So the first thing I noticed was how light they are, compared to my usual jeans. Yes, 30% less weight, but probably 15% less material than what I am used to. Thanks to the available stretch, they can be cut closer, for a more flattering fit, without giving up movement and comfort. They sort of make me feel like I’ve dressed up a bit, compared to other “relaxed cut” jeans. Oddly, even though I ordered my usual size, I still ended up with about a 2″ cuff at the bottom. Which looks good with low brown boots, so no complaints.

Duer Performance Denim Jeans
All but invisible from the outside, Duer’s signature seat gusset


First, the stretch. It’s ridiculous, really. Before, my jeans limited my movement. Now, my joints limit my movement, and my jeans are not the least bit stressed, no matter the activity. And it’s not just in the knees, thighs, and seat. If you hit up that “all you can eat” sushi joint, the waist has a little give. But they’re not all perfect, at least for me. I like to carry some cash in my front pocket, and these Duer jeans have pockets a bit shallower than I like. That may not be a concern for anyone else, but it’s the only minor complaint I have, so I figured it was worth sharing.


The Performance Denim in Rinse (a nice dark blue) is perfect for our casual office environment. And they provide all-day comfort. Outdoors, they really shine. Close fit means less snags while hiking among trees and low brush. When stepping onto a big rock or log, they have plenty of give. There just isn’t any feeling of restricted movement in them, and they look better than baggy jeans. It’s up to you if they are worth the MSRP of $129, but I have already seen them on sale at more attractive prices, making them a better value. Of course, only time will tell how well they hold up. So if I have any issues, I’ll update this review. shopduer.com

A special thanks to Duer for providing their Performance Denim for this review. I’ll be watching their sales so I can pick up another pair or two.



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