Lander Moab Case Review

If you’re looking for a strong and stylish slimline case for your Galaxy or iPhone, look no further than the Moab case by Lander. Over the past few years Lander has been making a name for themselves as an outdoors-influenced lifestyle brand. Their product line features rugged functionality coupled with urban styling and the Moab case stays true to that design.

To start off, the Moab is very light. It seems to barely make any impact on the overall weight of my iPhone. The sides are thick enough to absorb impacts but still flexible enough to get my phone in without much effort. Power button, volume buttons, the mute switch as well as the bottom dock of the case have more material to protect those areas from drops. While they do have more added material in these areas I don‘t have any difficulty pressing my volume buttons, power button, or connecting either an AUX cable or lightning cable to my phone.

Lander Moab Case for iPhone
Lander Moab Case for iPhone

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The case design also allows it to be compatible with pretty much every glass screen protector on the market. That is due mainly to the fact that the edges of the case don’t encroach a lot into the surface area. They are a couple of millimeters thick and are just high enough that if the phone is dropped face down the sides will touch first. Of course, if the ground is uneven or rocky, the screen may still take the brunt of the fall.

Unlike some cases, the Moab‘s material is very smooth. This, along with its slim design makes it easy to stow in a jacket pocket or jeans. However, while making it convenient, it also makes it a little more slippery in my hand. I have on more than one occasion found myself fumbling trying to snap a quick photo due to this. The edges and top of the phone case also have notches in them to help improve grip.

To compensate for the possibility of a more slippery handling, the Moab features an anchor system. The anchor system consists of a lanyard that’s threaded to the case that I can wrap around my wrist while carrying the phone to help prevent drops. I think that’s one of my favorite features of this case.

Lander Moab Case for iPhone
Lander Moab Case for iPhone

The design also provides a generous area around the rear camera and flash so that the case doesn‘t obscure photographs. That being said, one of the things I had to get used to was making sure that I kept the lanyard wrapped around my wrist or secured in some fashion to keep it out of photos when I was taking them.

Now, I’m going to be honest and say that while testing this case I did not go out of my way to toss my phone on the ground or throw it off a house or anything extreme like that. Instead, I opted to just use it normally and let things happen naturally. This, of course, made me more aware when I did accidentally drop it or knock it off a table. Sadly, I have to report that I seem to drop my phone way more often than I thought I did. I can tell you all this much; I’m really happy that I had this Moab case on my phone.

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Thanks to the great people at Lander for sending me this case to protect my phone from my clumsiness.

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