Agion, continued

This is a follow up to my Agion post, about the shirt that I’ve been testing. My goal is to push the limits of the antimicrobial treatment and see what it takes to get the shirt to ripen up a bit. As unappealing as that may sound, I just stay focused on the end result. If the shirt can take several weekends and evenings of hard work without offending Mrs. Outsider, then certainly you’ll be able to rely on products treated in a similar manner to get you through a day or two.

With that in mind, I skipped deodorant after yesterday’s shower, and went to work around the house. One of my chores (I’m a bit limited, due to another surgery) was to split some firewood. Even with temps hovering in the mid 30s, I still broke a sweat. Then I went inside and built a nice toasty fire. At bedtime, it was the moment of truth. My patient wife was once again subjected to the underarm test, and the shirt passed with flying colors, generating not so much as a nose-wrinkling.  So it’s back to its resting spot, folded up on the dryer, unwashed, waiting for the next challenge.

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