Air Venturi Receives Official Springfield Armory® License

If you’re a fan of airguns or airsoft guns, things might be getting a little more fun for you. Air Venturi has secured exclusive worldwide rights to offer officially-licensed replicas from the iconic firearm manufacturer Springfield Armory®.

“By partnering with Springfield Armory®, Air Venturi is able to put the most historically significant firearm designs into the hands of airgunners, replica enthusiasts and airsoft fans alike” said Val Gamerman, President of Air Venturi. “Springfield Armory® has a rich 240 year history in firearms and we look forward to developing air-powered pistols and rifles that reflect the same level of quality and performance that customers have grown accustomed to from this revered brand.”

What does this mean for enthusiasts? Well, if your child isn’t quite ready for his or her own pistol or rifle, you can still teach them firearms basics. Rather than a “toy”, they’ll be able to use an airgun or airsoft gun modeled after a current production firearm. It’s also an inexpensive way to enjoy the Springfield Armory line without spending several hundred dollars. Personally, I think an airsoft version of my 1911 would be great for backyard plinking.

“With the introduction of the Springfield Armory’s name into the airgun and airsoft gun industry, we are ushering in a new era in our long-standing history in the shooting sports industry,” stated Steve McKelvain, Springfield Armory® President. “By partnering with Air Venturi, we will continue our tradition of developing products that are loyal to Springfield Armory’s heritage while ensuring The Armory’s place in the progression of American firearms and now, airguns and airsoft.”

Launching in 2018, Air Venturi will be offering replica pistols and rifles that define the Springfield Armory® legacy. Look for the XD, XD(M) and 1911 series pistols, the Saint Edge AR-15 rifle and the iconic M1A.

So what do you think? Which model would you like to see, and in which format?

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