Allett (Crazy Thin) Wallets

Allett Wallet
Allett Wallet (cash & credit cards not included)

At Outdoor Retailer this past August, I was able to meet the people behind Allett, and talk with them about their ultra thin wallets. These made in America wallets offer options for active lifestyles as well as safe traveling. I saw everything from a thin, water resistant, sporty wallet and eco-friendly recycled plastic wallets, to one that will prevent your RFID enabled credit cards from being read by a scanner!

Their most basic and thinnest wallets are made out of a very light nylon (weighing in at under 1 ounce when empty). They are water resistant and will dry quickly even if they have been drenched in liquid. The material these wallets are made of is used in boat sails, camping tents, and outdoor wear, so they‘re great for an outdoor enthusiast. And if it should become dirty while you‘re out doing your thing, it‘s quite easy to wipe clean. Nylon is incredibly durable and Allett uses a cross stitch pattern to make it as strong as possible.

The Allett wallet (that‘s far to fun to say out loud, I‘ll wait while you try it) that they provided for this review is the Sports wallet. It has a very stylish design – leather on the outside and their special nylon fabric on the inside. It is absolutely perfect for me, as I generally like to carry my wallet in my front pocket when I don’t carry a purse. It follows the same thin design as the rest of their wallets, but still feels quite sturdy and durable. Plus it‘s super cute! It‘s a simple bi-fold with a place for my cash and two pockets for my cards. I‘ve been able to fit five cards on each side, and could easily squish a sixth one in there, but that would make them more difficult to remove and replace. Because Allett‘s wallets are so simply designed, they fit in any of your pockets easily, and if you should place it in your back pocket, you won‘t have a giant bulky block to sit on. And I was able to open it and fit it flat in my clutch purse instead of having to transfer everything over.

This leather and nylon Allett wallet is 3 1/4
This leather and nylon Allett wallet is 3 1/4″ x 3 ¾”, and 1/4″ thin, weighs just 0.7oz

They have also recently come out with a new RFID security line that is lined with an alloy that will block any RFID scanning devices. What this means is that these wallets can protect you from credit card fraud and keep your passport from being copied by someone with the tools to scan your cards without even touching you.

I’m quite impressed with Allett’s simplistic yet stylish design. You should go check them out and see all the options they have to


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