Kelty Trail Ridge 2 Tent For Two

The Kelty Trail Ridge 2 is one of those two people tents that really fits two people. When I think of a two person tent, I generally think it will fit only myself and my gear. If I‘m lucky enough, my dog might fit too. We were able to fit two adults plus gear for 2 days … Read more

Kurgo Allagash Hammock

The Kurgo Allagash Hammock allows me to stress less about taking the easier, cleaner path and lets me to thoroughly enjoy my journey. I like to take my dog with me on my adventures because she is, by far, my favorite hiking buddy. She never complains that she‘s tired or that the terrain is too … Read more

Bridgford Ready To Eat Sandwiches

Like to camp, but don’t like to cook while camping? Me too. Bridgford Ready to Eat Sandwiches has the solution for us. They provided some for this review, and have won me (and my taste buds) over. Most readers of this site have probably tried “ready to eat” food, of the camping or emergency food storage variety. … Read more

Jabra Pulse Bluetooth Headphones

I cannot believe Jabra was clever enough to fit a heart rate monitor into such sleek headphones. The Jabra pulse looks great, sounds great and is incredibly fun to play with! Even the packaging of the Jabra Pulse was really quite impressive. I‘m not usually one to dote on the wrapper of a product because … Read more

Allett (Crazy Thin) Wallets

At Outdoor Retailer this past August, I was able to meet the people behind Allett, and talk with them about their ultra thin wallets. These made in America wallets offer options for active lifestyles as well as safe traveling. I saw everything from a thin, water resistant, sporty wallet and eco-friendly recycled plastic wallets, to one that will prevent … Read more