The Nite Ize Financial Tool

The Nite Ize Financial Tool is one of those handy items you didn‘t know you needed in your life.  Combining a flat, card style multi tool with a wallet, the Financial Tool has a lot to offer.

This handy tool has found a home in my pocket, and I‘ve never being much of a purse (or wallet) carrying woman. In the past, a few options were tried that worked, but were just not quite right. A backpack is great when the need arises but my general day to day carry items are a couple of cards, an ID, and some cash. For a while, a simple homemade duct tape wallet worked. The wallet was the exact size of a credit card and could fit my necessary items. That eventually wore out and became useless. Since I didn‘t make another, everything ended up loose in my pockets.

I first saw the Nite Ize Financial Tool at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2016 show, where I picked up my review sample. I was impressed, because it’s everything I‘ve ever wanted or needed out of a “wallet”, because also it‘s more than that. The stainless steel Financial Tool provides a number of handy tools for those times when one is really needed. Built in tools include flathead and phillips screwdrivers, a scraper, and a metric/standard ruler. The phillips screwdriver is capable of cutting tape. Three wrenches in sizes 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ are provided.  Last but for sure not least, and maybe the most important thing to always have on hand, a bottle opener is right there too!

Nite Ize Financial Tool Features
Nite Ize Financial Tool Features

The Financial Tool has a cash wrap that has really impressed me. Nite Ize must have made the strap with magic. About four cards and cash were normally carried but the wrap has been able to stretch around seven cards and a few dollar bills. Folding cash into thirds saves a bit of room and makes it fit better. Over-stretching was a little bit of a worry, but everything held up flawlessly.

Airport security hasn‘t complained about the Financial Tool and has let it pass a few times with no questions asked. I love this thing so much that many of my friends have gotten one as a birthday gift. Everyone tells me the Financial Tool looks like a spy gadget that you‘d expect the best agents to carry.

Nite Ize Financial Tool In Use
Nite Ize Financial Tool In Use

Find it on Amazon!

I could go on and on about my love for the Nite Ize Financial Tool but I‘ll save you the read. Seriously, browse over to You won‘t regret it.



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That’s pretty darn cool!


Question though:

Do you have to remove your items to use the bottle opener or does it work pretty well without doing this?

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