Jabra Pulse Bluetooth Headphones

Jabra Pulse
Jabra Pulse

I cannot believe Jabra was clever enough to fit a heart rate monitor into such sleek headphones. The Jabra pulse looks great, sounds great and is incredibly fun to play with!

Even the packaging of the Jabra Pulse was really quite impressive. I‘m not usually one to dote on the wrapper of a product because you rarely see it again after you have released your new toy from its confinement, but it‘s obvious someone put a lot of thought into this carton. It‘s a very solid box; so even if the delivery guy tossed and threw your package around, and the shipping box arrives torn and smashed, your new Jabra Pulse earbuds will arrive safely.  When you remove the plastic that guards your Jabra Pulse, it‘s much easier than opening other packages. They‘ve placed a clear sticker that once you pull on it, it lifts the plastic window and makes it easy to retrieve the headphones.

Jabra Pulse
Jabra Pulse

Once opened, you‘ll find your new Jabra Pulse earbuds along with different earpieces that ensure they fit just right, and a case to protect them when not in use. The case is a good quality hard case and has protected my headphones in my gym bag. I haven‘t needed to use the extra earpieces. The ones that came already attached fit me well. They‘re simple to insert and stay snug when I‘m running. They fit nicely into my ears, and it‘s really nice not to have to constantly readjust them like I have to with the pair of headphones I used to wear.

My favorite thing about the Jabra Pulse earbuds is that they‘re Bluetooth. There‘s a small cord that goes from one bud to the other and comfortably rests on the back of my neck. I don‘t ever notice that it‘s there. This has been quite awesome at the gym to not have a cord to worry about. I can keep my phone in my pocket or in my arm band and I never have to worry about getting tangled up or having the headphones ripped out of my ears if the cord gets snagged on something. I firmly believe they used magic in the creation of this cord too. I‘ve left it in my pocket all day and have never had any issues with it becoming tangled.

Just like most other headphones these days, the Jabra Pulse is equipped to handle phone calls. All of the controls as well as the microphone are located on the small box just below the right earpiece.

Jabra Pulse
Jabra Pulse

The sound quality of the Jabra Pulse is really good, which I what I would expect from them costing $200. I‘ve tested them with a variety of music, all of which sounds great to me. Eye Of The Tiger whilst running sounds exceptionally awesome (Seriously, if you have never done this before, you haven’t lived). It sounds way better than having someone follow me while blasting it from a small boom box. These comfortable earbuds also have an IP55 certified water resistance so that your sweat and a little rain won‘t put a damper on your training.

Another cool feature of these Jabra Pulse earbuds is that they measure your heart rate. They have a precision in-ear, biometric heart rate monitor, and It‘s really quite fun to play with. The only downside is that you need to install two applications on your phone for this to function. Once those are installed, you can enter in your gender, height, weight and age, then you‘re all set to work out and track your progress! The Jabra Sport app allows you to select an activity and a music app to use such as the Jabra Sound app or any other 3rd party music app. It also allows you to thoroughly track your workout by selecting a goal, pace, heart rate zone, or even interval training.

I am quite in love with the Jabra Pulse headphones. The battery could be a little longer lasting but I don‘t mind charging it after every workout. They have really been fantastic in tracking my cardio routine and providing me with awesome sound while giving me the freedom to workout without becoming entangled.

If you want to check them out for yourself, visit www.jabra.com where you can find more information on the Jabra Pulse as well as their many other awesome products.

– Heather

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