Pacsafe W200 RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

Pacsafe W200 RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

n a world of rapidly evolving technology, Pacsafe has created the W200 RFID Blocking Travel Wallet to keep your personal information protected. When Pacsafe agreed to send me a sample to test, I realized I had some research to do. I know identity theft is a growing problem in this high tech age, but aside from using poor passwords and hacking, I had no idea how easily my info could be stolen.

Apparently, RFID readers are very easy for the bad guys to get hold of, and even easier to use. They can be hidden in a pocket, bag, or held by hand, and simply have to be within a 10 foot range of your credit cards or passport to read your data. RFID readers use a radio transmission from your cards to steal your name, date of birth, bank account numbers, and other details that can be used to steal your identity, drain your bank accounts, and cause a lot of headaches. Needless to day, Pacsafe‘s W200 RFID Blocking Travel Wallet has been quite the educational piece.

Pacsafe W200 RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

When I received the product I was surprised at how lightweight and sleek it felt. Apparently, I had a deep seated assumption that safety meant weighty and bulky.  The W200 RFID is only 5.5oz. It is roughly the size of a large index card (5.1×8.1×0.6in). All in all, quite compact for all the space it has inside.

The W200 has a lot of features spanning safety, fashion, and function.

Most notably, there is a mesh pocket that fits US and all standard passports.  This feature alone makes this wallet a winner. I find it extremely challenging to travel with a passport since no standard wallets are large enough. I generally don‘t carry a purse, and I don‘t like the idea of my passport loose in my backpack. I find a lot of comfort having my personal documents right at my fingertips.

Another great feature is the detachable strap. It’s long enough to use the wallet like a small purse when clipped onto both sturdy attachment loops. I personally like the shoulder strap option the best. It makes for the best accessibility and hands free option for my needs, and is cute enough to be an every day around town piece. It can also attach to the same loop to make a wristlet, or detach the strap for a simple clutch for an evening out. I found the wristlet option is convenient for easy access, however I feel like the W200 might be a little too big for that option. Perhaps the W100 or W150 are better options if you are really partial to this option.

Pacsafe W200 RFID Blocking Travel Wallet

A few other features I really appreciate are the inner and outer coin pockets. A pet peeve of mine is having too much change inside a wallet to where it becomes bulky. I found it very useful to keep quarters and dimes on the outside as they are the best value for parking meters. There are 8 card holder slots and two slip pockets for bills or checks. Finally, there are 3 more slots I found handy for dividing up receipts, lists, notes, and various punch cards.

I absolutely adore my W200 RFID blocking wallet. It‘s got incredible functionality and makes me feel safe to travel with my most important personal information. The MSRP is $65, which I think is well worth the value.

– Carley

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