New ENO Gear at ORWM

ENO Sub 7

Eagle‘s Nest Outfitters has been busy developing more hammock related goodies to keep us all comfortable while we hang around outdoors. This year at Outdoor Retailer, ENO showed even more new gear. Several lightweight products for the backpacking crowd, as well as a special edition Double Nest which supports efforts to preserve our natural resources, were at the show.

The Sub 7 is a new lightweight hammock geared for thru-hikers. As the name implies, this hammock weighs less than 7 ounces. The Sub 7 is a gathered end hammock measuring 8 feet 9 inches by 3 feet 11 inches and is made from a ripstop nylon and stronger than steel dyneema line. The Sub7 is rated to hold 300 pounds and has an MSRP of $69.95

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ENO Helios suspension system

To go along with the lightweight Sub7 hammock, ENO is offering the Helios suspension system. More super strong dyneema line is used along with a polyester webbing tree sling to create a suspension system that is over 11.5 feet long and weighs in at 5.7 ounces. Using a buried splice for infinite adjustment, the Helios sets up quickly, and can handle even the most awkward setups. The Helios suspension system has an MSRP of $34.95.

In order to keep everything dry, ENO is offering the ProFly XL Sil rain tarp. This tarp uses double stitched and sealed seams with a silicone impregnated nylon for construction. The ProFly XL Sil rain tarp is really big, measuring 13 feet by 9 feet 2 inches and weighs in at 26 ounces. Six attachment points are provided to secure the rain tarp over your gear. A camo stuff sack is included at an MSRP of $139.95

ENO Pro Fly Sil rain tarp

ENO has developed a new topquilt, the Spark, to go along with their affordable underquilt, the Ember 2. The Spark topquilt measures 6 feet 8 inches by 4 feet 2 inches and weighs 27 ounces. It has a Velcro closure on its footbox and is rated to 50 degrees. MSRP is below $100.

A true outdoor brand, ENO has a long tradition of environmental consciousness. In an effort to support the Leave No Trace Center For Outdoor Ethics, ENO is offering the special edition LNT Double Nest Hammock. This hammock uses special edition lime and silver colors and comes with an attached stuff sack. The Double Nest is a gathered end hammock that measures 9 feet 4 inches by 6 feet 2 inches and weighs in at 19 ounces. The MSRP is $69.95.

ENO showed off its outdoor travel blankets, hammock bug nets, and lots of other suspension systems and hammocks. The gear is all well made and built to last.

Browse on over to to check them out and pick up your gear for outdoor fun.

– Mark

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