And Isn’t It Ironic… Don’t You Think

Unlike the song I pulled the title of this article from, this is truly ironic. When I started Industry Outsider on January 1, of 2007, I made it clear that the site was going to be all about cycling. Cycling, Cycling, Cycling! Sure, there were plenty of articles that were only vaguely cycling-related, and quite a few completely random ones as well. And I kept plugging away on this site while taking on various roles on other cycling-related sites, including a couple of different forums, and watching my contact list grow.

Family obligations meant not being able to attend Interbike for two years. And I was ok with that. While I enjoy seeing the advancements in bicycle technology, I was definitely getting burned out on bikes that only a small percentage of the cycling population could actually afford. Shimano’s electronic shifting is impressive, as are ultralight carbon fiber wheels and aero carbon tubing. But it’s a very small portion of an equally small audience that wants to read about that, and only the most dedicated are willing to drop the cash for gear so pricey. So when it was suggested that I attend the Outdoor Retailer shows, which take place twice a year only 40 minutes from my home, I jumped at the opportunity. That opened the door to our current format, which includes running, hiking, camping, and all manner of gear associated with having fun outdoors, as well as some health and nutrition, plus a bit of environmental awareness thrown in. Cycling still gets covered, but not as much as before.

So where’s the irony? Well, last month, we quietly launched, which is a website dedicated almost entirely to, you guessed it, cycling. The layout should be familiar to anyone following this site (although we do have someone working on new logos for both), as are some of the contributors. But we’re going to keep that site all about bikes. Equally important, it will be mostly free of lycra/spandex, carbon fiber and titanium. Instead, we’re getting back to basics. Commuter bikes, and cycling for fun and fitness. Taking your bike instead of your car. As always, there will be plenty of reviews, as well as tools and how-to articles.

Here’s a bit of what to expect:

We’ve got two project bikes in the works – one mountain bike turned into a winter commuter, and an interesting variation of the flat bar road bike. While we may have started with some expensive platforms, the accessories and maintenance tips we’ll be sharing apply to bikes of any budget. Grips, seats, tires, chain lube, racks, fenders, panniers, and more. If it can be attached, we’ll try to cover it. Shoes, helmets, and clothing won’t be left out either. Where possible, we’ll try to include how-to instructions, photos, and video.

As far as inspirational stories, our first guest contributor took up commuting by bike to work when he was 46. That alone is nothing amazing, but he’s riding to his job at a car dealership, where he sells cars. At the end of a long shift haggling over window stickers, he hops on his bicycle and pedals home. Langston jumped on a bike as part of a weight loss challenge. While losing weight, he discovered the joys or riding. Plus the savings from not filling up his car as often started to add up. Other contributors will be sharing their own stories as well as their bike and clothing choices to get from one point to another comfortably and safely.

The Glossary of Cycling Terms is something that’s been done before on other sites, and we’ll continue that tradition, but we’ll also be constantly adding to it as new words become part of our vernacular.

Industry Outsider will still offer cycling articles, but if your taste runs more towards just riding for fun or transportation, feel free to split your time between the two sites.

– Brian


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First the title has a certain song stuck in my head. Second I already bookmarked the new sure.

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