A‘rcopedico Shawna Shoes

A‘rcopedico manages to combine comfort and style with their Shawna, a Mary Jane-style shoe. I‘ve spent the better part of the past 3 months testing these shoes and I can say that the styling is so cute, the arch support is incredible, and they are a comfortable pair of shoes.

A‘rcopedico Shawna Shoes
A‘rcopedico Shawna Shoes

Let‘s start off with the most important thing, how they fit. I feel that they fit me perfectly from toe to heel.  My feet slide right in, and then I adjust the strap slightly. A‘rcopedico also chose to make the Shawna out of super soft, leather. The leather is not only soft, but stretchy and flexible. What really makes these stand out from other shoes is the extremely supportive, dual arch support. You read that right, dual arch support. Amazing. The sole is surprisingly flexible, though it would not seem so from its appearance.

Also just an FYI, they are in European sizing. So make sure you look up what your size converts to.

The Shawna is also super light. I‘m always surprised how light they are, when I pick them up to put them on.

The styling is not only cute, but versatile. I have worn the Shawna with jeans, and with maxi skirts. It‘s always a plus to have a single pair of comfy shoes that can be dressed up or down. I also think that they make my feet look smaller than they are.  The strap is a fine idea to keep the shoes snug.  I‘m grateful for the pull tab at the heel because is used each time that I put the shoes on. The stitching is high quality.  I like the ten stitches that decorate the top of the shoe.  It gives the top of the shoe more visual interest.

A‘rcopedico Shawna Shoes
A‘rcopedico Shawna Shoes

My only complaint about these shoe is that I‘m a taller woman with wider feet and the Shawna isn‘t offered in a wide size. While they are comfortable, I can‘t wear them as long as I‘d like to. This is because the straps start to pinch the skin on the top of my feet. I‘m hoping that the strap will stretch out a bit over time.  It would be nice if they would offer this shoe for those of us with wider feet.

If you‘re looking for your next favorite go-to shoe, make sure to try A‘rpedico‘s Shawna. They are comfy, and stylish.


MSRP: $145.00

For more info about A‘rcopedico, visit:  Arcopedicousa.com

I‘d like to thank A‘rcopedico for sending me these to review and for being patient while I got to wear them on different occasions.

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