The “Always There Knife”

What good is a fixed blade knife if it isn’t there when you need it?

New from White River Knives and knife maker and designer Owen baker Jr. comes the Always There Knife (ATK). This new fixed blade knife is built for strength, light weight and lightning-quick use if needed. Constructed from CPM S35VN high-tech steel, its leather-stropped blade holds a razor edge for a ridiculous amount of time.

What is so nifty about the ATK? Well, other than a slick, no no-nonsense ergonomic design, and feather weight of 1.7 ounces, it is designed for quick use for most anything from savvy survival, hunting, fishing, camping to self defense if the need arises. The blade is a 2.15-inch general purpose design that continues into an easy-to-hold handle.

The profile of the knife is a thin 0.130 thickness (for stealth, if so needed), the ATK could be worn easily under a fine dress suit. Then again, it can be turned into a camp or survival knife should you wish to wrap 550 cord or fish line around the handle–or not. The robust fixed blade White River Always There Knife really is designed to always be there when you need it.

White River’s unique, ultra-light weight adjustable Kydex sheath can be worn right or left side on a belt up to two inches wide, and to fit the belt in five different configurations, from in-line with the belt to various angle tilts and heights. If worn on the included detachable neck loop, the belt portion of the sheath may be easily removed for a lower profile.

The adjustable sheath even comes with a 3/32 Allen wrench to work the configuration screws and, as with everything White River makes, every single part and all the materials are American made – the little wrench even says USA on the shaft! (Get out your magnifying glass, though!)

When White River says Always There Knife (ATK), that is exactly what they mean.

Overall length: 6 inches
Blade Length: 2.25 inches
Thickness: 0.130 inch
Knife weight 1.7 ounces
Material: CPM S35VN steel
MSRP: $80

White River Knife & Tool®

130 Mason Drive
Coopersville, MI 49404


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