Are You Ready To Ride New Trails?

If you ride a mountain bike, you really should consider even a small donation to IMBA. They’re fighting to keep our trails open, maintaining current trails, and building new ones. All for us. If you can give, please do.

– Brian


IMBA is dedicated to building dream rides in your area. You can help.Donate-NowJPG

Get your Long Live Long Rides T-shirt free when you donate to help IMBA build trails.

Or choose another great thank you gift here.

Would you like to see amazing trails built in your area?

IMBA has done so much to win approval for new trails in countless towns and cities all over the country.

Now it‘s time to build them and we need your support.

The Trail Building Fund is a reserve set aside to put more trails on the ground all over America. Please make your donation here now.LLLR Low Rez

And please ask your riding buddies to help shape the future of mountain biking with us. Every gift ‘” $10, $35 or $100 really adds up when thousands of us pitch in together.

As a thank you I‘ll send you a gift of your choice ‘” like the classic Long Live Long Rides T-shirt ‘” only available when you give to the Trail Building Fund.

I want to give you and every mountain biker easy access to trails like the ones you‘ll find at the 4,000-acre Coldwater Mountain system in Alabama.

And there are great projects like this all over the country ‘” check out the interactive map and get in touch with your local IMBA chapter or affiliate to see what’s happening near you.

Let‘s keep going. Let‘s build. You can help right now.

We‘ve so much to do and we need funding and resources to do it.

IMBA is a non-profit organization. The $10, $35, $50 even $250 dollars you give today goes directly to building a national network of sustainable trails ‘” without your help trails will not be built.

This is your chance to give back to the trails you love. As mountain bikers, if we wait for someone else to pay for our trails they won‘t get built ‘” particularly now as public funding is being attacked.

I hope I can count on your support, and long live long rides!

Michael Van Abel, IMBA Executive Director

P.S. Give $35 or more today and I‘ll send you a limited-edition Long Live Long Rides T-shirt as a thank you. Donations of $100 or more earn a free IMBA bike seat bag, or give $250 or more to earn an IMBA jersey. Donations to IMBA are generally tax-deductible and every donation earns a 20 percent discount off mountain biking gear at the IMBA store.

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