Athlon Midas TSP1 Review

The Athlon Midas TSP1 Prism Scope stands out as a great option for enthusiasts looking for a compact and versatile optic that gets the job done without undue pain to the wallet. This design, with its etched reticle, makes it a popular choice, especially for users with astigmatism. Athlon’s line of prism scopes, the TSP series, includes 1x, 3x, and 4x magnification models. While size and magnification vary, they all have the same basic feature set. So if you like this, but want more magnification, Athlon’s got you covered.

Athlon Midas TSP1 Reticle Options
Athlon Midas TSP1 Reticle Options

Key Features of the Athlon Midas TSP1

  • 1 MOA Red/Green Dot Reticle: I like the ability to easily switch between red or green illumination on the 1 MOA reticle. This allows for optimal visibility in various environments. Green is more visible in daylight, while red is more useful in low light.
  • Lightweight & Compact: This compact rifle scope weighs just 6.25 ounces and measures 2.7″ in length. The Midas TSP1 takes up very little rail space, and doesn’t affect maneuverability.
  • 1x Magnification: Keep both eyes open and maintain situational awareness with a true 1x magnification. It’s ideal for close-to-mid-range shooting.
  • AAA Battery Powered: Convenient, inexpensive, and readily available power source to keep your optic running. No tools are required for quick battery swaps.
  • Etched Reticle for Astigmatism Relief: Unlike many traditional red dot sights, the etched reticle remains sharp and clear for those with astigmatism. Bonus: It’s visible even without a battery.
  • Shockproof and fogproof: Designed to withstand harsh elements, the TSP1 is nitrogen-filled, ensuring reliable performance in nearly all weather conditions.
  • Picatinny Rail Mount: Easily attaches to most rifles and platforms which have a standard Picatinny rail.
  • 1.49″ Center Height: Offers compatibility with various AR-platform mounting options.
  • 21mm Objective Lens: Provides a clear sight picture that sacrifices neither weight nor profile. A rubber one-piece cover is included to protect the optics when not in use.
Athlon Midas TSP1
Athlon Midas TSP1


With a single Torx screw to tighten, there really isn’t much to the installation. Just remember to check, and double-check, your firearm before starting any work. It should be unloaded, with no round chambered, and no magazine installed. Safety first. I put it on a BCA upper I was reviewing and gave it a quick zero at home before heading to the range. Windage and elevation adjustment is accomplished via the removable caps on the top and side. The 3.2″ eye relief worked well for my needs, as there are no irons on the upper to get in the way.

Range time

Since the reticle is a simple 1 MOA with no magnification, there were no plans to shoot for groups. Instead, I just wanted to hit the targets we had set up around 50 and 100 yards. We did some simple drills at both distances. Bringing the Athlon Midas TSP1 up to eye level, it was quick and easy to get on a torso-sized target at 50 yards. Hitting our 8″ gong out at 100 yards was a bit slower, but doable. Pretty sure that at the deliberate pace I shoot, I’m not going to be very competitive. And in real-world combat, I’d better have some good cover. But I watched my friend who spent time on the two-way range run drills faster and with more success. He’s admittedly much smoother, for good reason. With practice, I can see myself taking better advantage of this optic. For now, the only limitation is the user.

Athlon Midas TSP1
Athlon Midas TSP1

Despite the description of the reticle as a 1 MOA dot, it’s actually a bit more. There’s a small circle with a central dot, another dot below that, and a hash mark below. So holdovers can be done using them, but my vision precludes that, as they’re not needed at closer distances. There is a forward button for increasing brightness and a rear button for decreasing it. Switching between reticle colors is as easy as pressing the up and down brightness buttons at the same time. To shut it down, just hold the forward button down until it shuts off. If no adjustment is made for six hours, the Athlon TSP1 will shut itself off to save battery life. When the battery is replaced, it will revert to the last brightness and color setting.

Who needs this optic?

The combination of a crisp view in all lighting conditions and an etched reticle specifically designed to address astigmatism makes the Athlon Midas TSP1 a top contender for a variety of shooters. Hunters may be attracted to the low-light performance, making it suitable for close shots from dawn to dusk. Tactical shooters will appreciate the compact size and durable design. Where reliability is key, it delivers. Competition and target shooters will be able to take advantage of the clear image and precise 1 MOA reticle. For speed with precision, it’s a good combination.

Athlon Midas TSP1
Athlon Midas TSP1

Potential Considerations

Where the 1x may be a limiting factor for distance, Athlon covers that by offering a TSP3 (3x), and TSP4 (4x). I prefer the speed and simplicity of the 1x though. I’m also not likely to shoot past 100 yards, and usually closer. Reticles can sometimes be a dealbreaker too. Again, I like this one for multiple reasons. Without my prescription glasses, it’s still sharp, where other optics may “bloom”. And the etched reticle is visible under well-light conditions even when not on. So in the event of a dead battery, it’s still somewhat usable. Swapping out the AAA battery is also very convenient.

“Combat” durability vs more casual use is something I am usually curious about, but can’t actually test. As a side note, my rifle did tumble out of the back of my vehicle at the range. It landed upside down, on the optic. No damage, no loss of zero. Would this indicate that it’s viable for deployment? That’s not enough of a test. But it’s certainly shown itself to stand up to the mostly likely abuse it would see in my hands. And that’s all I can ask for.


With its $299 MSRP, the Athlon Midas TSP1 should appeal to anyone seeking a high-quality, versatile, and budget-friendly prism scope. Given its exceptional low-light performance, compact size, and durable construction, it’s a good choice for various shooting disciplines. Find it at

As always, I’d like to thank Athlon for providing their TSP1 for my testing and evaluation.

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