Australia‘s XDS Bicycles To Feature Slidepad Brakes

Slidepad Announces Australia‘s XDS Bicycles To Feature Innovative Single Lever Brake System on 2015 Hollywood Retro Range Ladies Models

PALO ALTO, Calif. ‘” May 22, 2014 ‘” Slidepad Technologies has announced that its revolutionary single-lever front and rear brake system will be available as standard equipment on  XDS Australia Bicycles‘ new Hollywood Retro Range Ladies Alloy and Steel 700c models.

Slidepad provides recreational cyclists with a single-lever braking system that uses the force of the rear wheel to intelligently modulate the front brake. The system is like having front wheel ABS, making riding safer and easier by alleviating the risk of front wheel lockup accidents caused by rider error. Slidepad gives riders better braking control and efficiency and simplifies the user experience making cycling even more enjoyable.

“We are pleased to announce this contract with Australia‘s XDS Bicycles marking the first opportunity for Slidepad be equipped on a non-US brands‘ bicycles,” said Slidepad President and Co-Founder Brian Riley. “Owners of XDS new Hollywood Retro Ladies models will be very pleased to discover that the Slidepad system is simpler to operate than standard two lever braking systems while providing an improved braking performance for a safer, more controlled, more fun ride.”

XDS Bicycles Alloy Hollywood range of Retro Ladies 700c model features a light-weight aluminum frame model with the Slidepad braking system, Tektro “V” brake alloy comfort levers, an 8-speed Shimano drivetrain, Kenda 700c tires, Cionlli comfort saddle, steel colour coded fenders, rear alloy carrier , a wire and removable cane front basket set . Ladies Alloy model is available in size 15.5, 17, 19.

 XDS Australia Bicycles‘ Hollywood Retro
XDS Australia Bicycles‘ Hollywood Retro

The Hollywood steel models include Slidepad braking system Shimano drive train Shimano RS-35 shifters, Kenda City 700c tires, a comfort saddle, steel colour coded fenders, chain guard, rear carrier and a wire and removable cane front basket set. Also available in sizing 15.5, 17 and 19.

For more information on, new models, specifications, colours, updating soon with the 2015 XDS Bicycles, visit 

About Slidepad Technologies Inc.

Slidepad‘s Intelligent Brake Distribution (IBD) technology easily integrates into existing v-brake systems to provide an intuitive single lever braking experience to casual cyclists.  In addition to making braking easier and more efficient, the technology is able to intelligently modulate the front brake force in real time, based on the road surface and rider weight position, to avoid front wheel lockup, like ABS for the front brake. In addition to XDS Australia other USA and international brands are using Slidepad(IBD) technology to enhance their comfort and recreational ranges of products. For more information visit

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