AVEX 3Sixty Pour Thermal Bottle

The AVEX 3Sixty Pour Thermal Bottle continues our theme of “no ties” for Father’s Day. Available in 24 and 40 ounce sizes, these double wall stainless vacuum bottles will keep drinks hot for up to 16 hours, and cold for up to 30 hours (24 ounce) or hot 24 hours, and cold 50 hours (the 40 ounce). And of course, there’s more to them than just temperature regulation. AVEX sent us one so we could put it to the test, which basically involves taking it with us wherever we went over the course of a few weeks.

AVEX 3Sixty Pour Thermal Bottle
AVEX 3Sixty Pour Thermal Bottle

First off, their 3SIXTY Pour spout interface makes pouring simple. After you take off the top, which serves as your cup, just give the stopper inside a half turn, and you can pour from any angle. If you’ve ever used a bottle with a removable stopper, you will appreciate this design. No need to set it down anywhere dirty, and the odds of losing it are much lower. It’s also leak proof when you tighten it down. And the cup is sized just right for a drink – not too big, not too small.  AVEX gave the base a rubberized treatment that keeps the clanking down, but is non-skid as well, which is a nice touch. An important feature for road trips in the 24 ounce version is the ability to fit a drink holder in the car, which it does just fine. I really like the colors too. Our sample was a matte metallic blue, but there is also a matte black, and for those willing to pay a bit extra, the 40 ounce is available in MAX-5® Realtree Camo.

AVEX 3Sixty Pour Thermal Bottle
Ready for the next road trip

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I can’t imagine not finishing 24 ounces of coffee within 16 hours, but I did leave my 3Sixty Pour in the car all day while in Colorado, and my coffee was still more than warm enough that evening. And we found that if you mix a nice icy margarita in it, the pour spout will keep the ice from coming out, so the last sip is as cold as the first, if not a little watered down. Because margaritas all day in the summer… The point is that it does keep drinks hot or cold, all day long. And it looks really good too. Vacuum bottles are not rocket science, so it’s the details that set each one apart from the next. The 3SIXTY Pour is BPA-free, leak-proof, doesn’t sweat on hot days, and has a smart design in an attractive package. Pretty much all you can ask for. MSRP runs from $29.99 for the 24 ounce, to $36.99 for the 40 ounce, with the Realtree version a bit more, at $49.99. See them all at avexoutdoor.com.

– Brian

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