Avex Wells AUTOSPOUT™Water Bottle

When I was first asked to review the Avex Wells water bottle, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Let’s face it, most water bottles just aren’t that interesting. You fill it, carry it, drink, repeat. Other than these basic functions, water bottles aren’t known for being particularly fascinating. They don’t really even have any moving parts. As I was desperately searching my mind for a way to decline the review opportunity, a finger moved against a previously unnoticed button on the side of the bottle. The lid flipped open in a transformer-like fashion with a satisfying click. What was revealed was far more than the bent plastic straw design of most water bottles – there was a bite valve. It moved! It had a bite valve! I was sold then and there, eager to see what it would be like to use this interesting water bottle for cycling and hiking over the next month or so.

Avex Wells AUTOSPOUT™Water Bottle

Over the next few weeks, the Wells water bottle never left my side (except when I was sleeping, but even then it was still close by). It rode nicely in the water bottle cage on my bike. When walking, the built in loop latch was great for hooking unobtrusively to my belt. Even when my hands were completely covered in sweat I was able to grip the bottle effortlessly due to the anti slip design of the lid and collar. The automated pop open spring-loaded bite valve is well designed to allow for one handed use making it easy to open and close any time, any where. Even biking over uneven paths I was confident in being able to grab a quick sip without dropping the bottle or having to use both hands to close it. The Wells water bottle also seemed equally functional right or left handed.

Avex has a patent on their AUTOSPOUT™technology, and for good reason. It’s this feature that really places the Wells water bottle above any other I have ever tried. The spill-proof and leak-proof spring loaded bite valve enclosure operates smoothly even after the obsessive click and closing in the manner some of us tend to abuse retractable clicky pens. And for the germ-averse (isn’t that all of us?), the spring loaded design means your hands never come in contact with the bite valve or anything that touches the bite valve, even when refilling the bottle. For anyone who has ever wanted a drink while doing something messy this bottle is a great convenience. Dirty hands just aren’t an issue when using this bottle. The BPA-free Tritan™plastic is dishwasher safe (top rack only) and FDA approved.

This “transformer” bottle has transformed me, and I have no hesitation when it comes to recommending it to family, friends, and even strangers I meet when I’m out and about. Yes, it may seem odd to get excited about a water bottle, but it’s actually amusing to watch as slightly bored faces change to an interested “Oh!” the first time they watch it click open. And if they feel the need to try it themselves, they won’t be putting strange dirty hands on my bite valve. avexsport.com

– Luis

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