The Pure Copper Line From Jacob Bromwell

A quick search for “copper bracelet health effects” brings up an abundance of articles for and against wearing a little piece of metal around your wrist. Don’t waste your time reading any of that. If you want to buy some copper that will truly make you feel good, check out the limited edition copper products from one of our favorite “All American” companies, Jacob Bromwell. Each piece is hand made, and due to the small production quantities, guaranteed to be the most unique gift you’ll give anyone (including yourself) this year.

Collector’s Copper Cup

Back before double-walled 18/8 stainless or BPA-free plastics were common materials for drinking from, we had copper cups. A natural insulator of sorts, a copper cup keeps your hot beverages hotter longer, and your cold ones colder. This “innovative technology” isn’t the least bit new, as the Collector’s Copper Cup is actually patterned after the company’s 1819 design. When you place your order, they will make by hand, an exact replica of the same cup they first produced nearly 200 years ago. Lined with tin, this 28 ounce cup will take you back in time as you dip it into an unspoiled stream for drink, but it’s equally at home filled with your morning coffee or ice cold brew after a long day in the saddle.

Authentic Beer Stein

Another product designed to take advantage of the excellent thermal conduction of copper, the 30 ounce Authentic Beer Stein is ideal for celebrating this country’s founding fathers on July 4th (or any other time you’re knocking back a refreshing cold beer). George Washington brewed his own beer at home. Samuel Adams was a Harvard graduate whose family produced the malt used by many brewers 260 years ago. Thomas Jefferson, possibly one of the greatest Americans ever, had his wife brew for him, to the tune of fifteen gallons about every other week. Benjamin Franklin, inventor of nearly everything, was too busy to make his own beer, but certainly enjoyed partaking of it. Drinking from this stein is celebrating America and its rich history of hops and barley. And thanks to this history lesson, you’ll have some trivia to share with your friends.

Old West Shot Glasses

Steins and cups are all good, but what about enjoying good times with friends? Jacob Bromwell thought of that too, with their Old West Shot Glasses. Authentically constructed, these solid copper shot glasses are available in sets of four. Like the other copper drinking products, the inside has been hot-tinned so they don’t corrode. This also earns them a stamp of approval from the FDA, so they’re safe to drink out of. As always, remember to drink responsibly. It’s unlikely that you’ll have a horse tied up out front at the hitching post that knows the way home for you.

Roosevelt Copper Pen

In the world of fine writing instruments, the $249.99 Roosevelt Copper Pen wouldn’t even be considered too extravagant, but it’s probably even more rare than much pricier pens. The copper is nicely complemented by some brass highlights, and will certainly have a nice heft to it, without being too heavy. Like the other products in this line, it’s made by hand. Rather fitting, considering that copper is a natural element taken from the earth. When you write with this pen, you’re not only connected to nature, but also to history, as copper has been utilized by humans since at least the Roman era. The origin of the word copper actually comes from Cyprus, where it was mined during that time.

Among the other luxury items available are the Great American Flask, Lexington Money Clip, a Deluxe Flour Sifter, and an Old Fashioned Tea Kettle, each made out of copper. There’s also an option to have a one-off item of your own design, made from scratch. Imagine a bespoke copper iPhone case, the perfect way to mount your phone to the handlebars of your penny farthing!


Great American Flask Lexington Money Clip


Deluxe Flour Sifter Old Fashioned Tea Kettle


While the items shown may not make the “must-have” list for most of us, Jacob Bromwell offers a wide variety of products that all share certain qualities – they’re of authentic design and construction, proudly made in the USA, and have a lifetime guarantee. If you’re looking for heirloom quality cooking gear for at home or camping that celebrates American history, they should be your first and last stop.

– Brian

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