Avex Kangaroo Autoseal Water Bottle

For a water bottle, the Avex Kangaroo was a little confusing at first. It has a sticker that says ‘˜‘press here to drink”. I pressed it, expecting something to pop open, but nothing happened. Looking around the bottle a little more I found the dirt guard. When you flip the dirt guard open and press the button a small opening appears, allowing you to drink. It was a bit surprising how quickly the water flowed from the bottle. I would compare it to drinking it out of a regular cup from the kitchen. And once you let go of the button, the patented Autoseal technology does its job by making the bottle 100% spill proof and leak proof. They advertise that you should be able to drink out of the bottle one-handed, but my hands are too small to hold it and flip the dirt guard up. I am able to do it if I have it set on something while I flip the cap though.

The Avex Kangaroo is loaded with neat features. First, there is the carabiner clip built into the lid. I was able to hook it onto my gym backpack so it didn‘t take up room in my bag. I loved the fact that I didn‘t have to have a separate clip to bridge the gap between my bottle and bag. I have always hated the way they dangle off of my bottle. Plus, when you‘re not using the clip, it folds down so that it‘s not in your way! Then there is the incredibly convenient storage pocket which gives the Kangaroo its name. It‘s located in the front of the bottle with a latch that you pull down to open it. It has a small clip inside that you can use to hold a key in place or your ID and credit card. I was able to fit my driver‘s license, credit card and my locker key into the clip provided. It is great for me because the workout clothes I wear do not have pockets.

There has been quite a bit of concern in the last few years about using plastic that contains BPA. Fret not my friends; this bottle is made out of BPA-free Trintan, which results in a bottle that has odorless taste and high impact resistance. Avex also provides convenient measurement markings on the bottle to show you how much you have left. On the side are graduated measurements in both ounces and milliliters, from 24oz (750ml) down to 8 ounces (250ml).

Another handy feature becomes apparent when the time comes to clean your bottle. You don‘t have to stand over a sink washing it by hand. Just put it on the top rack of your dishwasher. The storage compartment even detaches for easier cleaning.

The most exciting thing I found out about this water bottle is that it comes in pink! Well, that‘s not the most exciting thing; the whole bottle is pretty great. It does however, come in other colors besides pink. You have the options of blue, pink, gray or yellow.

If you want to find out more about the Avex Kangaroo Autoseal water bottle and the rest of the products they offer, visit http://www.avexsport.com.


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