Axiom Tempest Hydracore Panniers

The Tempest Hydracore P27 panniers from Axiom are the perfect way for me to carry more gear on my bike. Some days, that meant snacks and an extra layer. Other days, I bravely threw a camera and a couple of lenses in one of them. Either way, they never let me down.

Tempest Hydracore P27 panniers
Tempest Hydracore P27 panniers

I’m certainly not an expert on panniers, but I do know that quality is in the details. At 27.1 liters (1654 cubic inches) and 3.65 pounds (1653 grams) per pair, the P27 are the smallest of the Hydracore series. But it’s the little touches here and there that make a difference. Whether you’re a commuter, doing some bike touring, or just headed out for a long ride, the Tempest Hydracore panniers have features you’ll appreciate.

Mounting them is easy, thanks to the Rixen & Kaul® MODUL-RAIL system. Just slide them on, and lock them in place. You’ll have no worries about shifting or slipping. When it’s time to remove them, they come off just as easily, but only when you want them to.

Although the exterior is a mix of black and grey, the inside is a bright red, which should make it easier to find things in there. Overall, there are three kinds of polyester (1000D, 850D, and 600D) that make up the panniers. Axiom chose each for wear, strength, and durability.

Tempest Hydracore P27 panniers
Tempest Hydracore P27 panniers

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Another nice touch from Axiom is the 14.2 x 10.2 inch padded laptop sleeve. It’s got some pockets, and even a zippered pouch. For security, a strip of velcro keeps it in place inside either pannier. This is a great way to transport other electronics or fragile items too.

Everything stays dry with the simple roll top closure. To fasten, simply roll it over, and buckle it at either side. If water gets in, you’re probably at the bottom of a pool or lake. That’s the only way it would get past the HYDRACORE inner liner.

Outside, 3M triangle logos offer work as safety reflectors. On the back of each bag is a durable polyurethane backing plate. The corners are protected by wear guards. Thanks to the handy loops you can hang a blinkie light from the front and rear of either bag as well.

Most of of the other panniers I have used have been lighter, and with less structure. But the Tempest Hydracore P27 gave me the confidence to carry my expensive camera and lenses. This opened up a whole new world while fat biking. I’m not suggesting that they are a solution for photographers. Rather, they provide protection for more than just clean clothes and some food. And unlike the old school hook and velcro strips, the MODUL-RAIL system makes securing them quick and simple. If you’re looking for a reliable set of panniers that will last through years of riding, you’ll want to check out Axiom.


I‘d like to thank the folks at Axiom for providing their Tempest Hydracore P27 panniers for this review. They’re easy to use, durable, and I have confidence in the safety of their contents.


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