Backcountry Peeing Ninja

The Women‘s Merino Ninja Suit ($189.99) by Airblaster has brought a new element of fun to my outdoor gear. I remember the days of being a kid and sleepovers in my favorite fleece onesie. Think of Ninja Suits as onesies for adults: minus the feet, plus a bum zip. Yep, that‘s right, a bum zip! This is the unique feature that really makes this a must-have for all camping trips.

Clearly Airblaster had fun creating their Ninja Suits. They identified which features were missing, as well as needs and wants in the campwear market. The first ‘˜need‘ is the bum zip or ‘˜350 degree waist zip‘. As a woman, I find the process of backcountry potty breaks to be a hassle. Unlike guys that have it easy with only a small flap of fabric to pull aside to pee while standing, ladies have to pull it all down and pop a squat. This leads to a few issues:

1) If it‘s a chilly night, that‘s a LOT of exposed skin

2) Lack of privacy

3) Balancing act of pants at ankles while in a squat while trying to avoid backsplash

Airblaster Ninja Suit

I really like where the waist zip is. It rides low on the hips and spans more or less from the front of the left hip bone, around the back, and ends at the front right hip bone. This creates enough space when unzipped to easily do your business. No flaps hanging or ankle pants here! In fact, I found that the Ninja Suit made it really easy to unzip, hold a tree trunk, lean back and go with no backsplash or sumo squatting.

I was worried about sleeping with a zipper, but it is so low profile that it was comfortable to sleep on any side without feeling like I was cuddling with a rugged strip of cold metal.

The second ‘˜need‘ is a hood. Even in the summer,  the mountain nights get cold and I always sleep with a hat. The Ninja Suit‘s attached hood not only provides my needed head coverage at night, but the integrated nature of the hood lets me toss & turn while the hood stays warmly in place.

Being an ape-length female (i.e. my wingspan fingertip to fingertip measures larger than I am tall), I appreciate the extra long sleeves with thumb loop holes!

Airblaster Ninja Suit

The women‘s line is made with a pattern specifically for women, so the look is flattering for an adult onesie. The curves are in the right places, and seams are not where they shouldn‘t be. There is just enough room to keep my underoos on without it being skin tight, but it is tight enough that when it got really chilly I could add layers on top without feeling bunched or bulky. In addition, Airblaster offers a wide variety of colors and patterns for all fashion types.

The Merino Ninja Suit is the weight of a mid-level base layer, so it will keep you cozy around the fire, in the tent, or while having a morning coffee. I found the Ninja Suit saved me from packing excess layers because of its versatile nature.

I found this piece to be not only fun but comfortable.  Made of their proprietary Woolverino merino fabric, it is extremely warm. Tencel is also added to the blend which adds an incredible strength to the suit and makes it suitable for almost any camping climate. Additionally, they are odor resistant and quick drying. Finally, Spandex allows for a little stretch to get a personal fit. It is so comfortable I found myself excited to get to camp to jump into my Ninja suit and lounge around. I‘ll even admit that on one occasion I hiked out of a backpack trip in my Ninja Suit.

The Ninja Suits by Airblaster are so comfortable and functional they are sure to make any fellow campers jealous. The full line of Ninja Suits includes both hooded and non hooded for men, women, and kids. Overall, I highly recommend getting yourself (or the lady in your life) a Ninja Suit. They are sure to make doing your business in the outdoors something to smile about.


Find your Ninja Suit on

A big Thank You to Airblaster for providing the sample for this review.

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