Barebones Pathfinder Cooler

Introducing my new go-to portable cooler, the Barebones Pathfinder Cooler. I’ve had a lot of coolers over the years, but nothing this portable, easy to clean, and durable. When I first saw this cooler in an outdoor magazine it really made me wonder if it would hold up to my standards. Not only did it hold up, it raised the bar way above any standards I had ever set before for a portable cooler.

Pathfinder Cooler from Barebones
Pathfinder Cooler from Barebones

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Capacity: The Barebones Pathfinder Cooler can hold up to sixteen, 12 ounce cans. But if bottles are more of your thing, a typical 6 pack will fit just fine with some room to spare. I tested my Pathfinder Cooler with an Igloo 6 pack can/bottle molded ice pack. I still had room to throw a few cans on top too.

Features: A bottle opener built into the zipper-pull – that by itself is just genius! A removable and adjustable shoulder strap comes free of charge as well. Another great feature is the removable anti-microbial lining. I can’t even begin to count the times I have had my lunch or drinks make a mess inside of a portable cooler that I use for work or recreation. A lot of times I’d have to turn it inside out and wash it down to only hope I got all of the mess out of my cooler. With the Pathfinder Cooler that is no longer an issue. Plus, the zippers and hardware are rust proof and there are also storage pockets on each side, featuring magnets to keep the pockets closed.

Materials and Dimensions: Durable, water resistant poly nylon and leather cover the outside of the semi-rigid internal frame, with a zinc alloy zipper topping it off. That zipper is well constructed too. On the bottom end Barebones has constructed a protective base so the cooler isn’t punctured, and provides a great amount of stability to keep your cooler cargo secure and safe. The size of this cooler is a 12″W x 8″L x 9″H and it’s very easy to place behind a seat, taking up about the same amount of space as a mid sized purse.

Maintenance: The Pathfinder Cooler’s liner is removable so that it can be run through a washing machine, making it very easy to clean. For cleaning the outside surfaces just grab a damp cloth and wipe it down to remove dirt and grime.

The Barebones Pathfinder cooler rates high on my list of favorite things I’ve reviewed at my time with IndustryOutsider. To say I like this cooler would be an understatement. I LOVE this cooler! I’ve never seen a cooler so small that will keep your drinks cool for so long. Barebones claims on their website this cooler will keep cold for 24 hours. I believe that, and tested it. When using coolers of this capacity in the past, my drinks would lose temperature after a good hour or two while sitting in my car. Nothing is worse than a hot beer after an epic mountain bike ride through the woods. Upon testing this cooler I would leave it in the back seat and the drinks never once have been warm. I personally use the padded shoulder strap all the time, and it is quite comfortable to throw over your shoulder. I’ve used it for work to bring glass bottled soda in, and even after 5 flights of stairs from the parking garage to my desk, it doesn’t dig into my shoulder at all.

If you are a person on the go and don’t like carrying around an ice chest full of beverages this is the cooler for you! The design was well thought out and stylish, allowing this cooler to be brought to any type of outdoor event, weather it be the Catalina wine mixer, an outdoor concert, or providing refreshment for you and your pals after hitting the trails.

For more information or to pickup a Pathfinder Cooler for yourself, visit

MSRP $79.99


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