December 4, 2023
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Cyrus Echols

I found mine while wading the Taccoa River. I’m sure someone is bummed out over losing it. It’s everything and more in my opinion. The rubber handle, perfect for situations when grip is paramount. Thumb hole is the best for one hand open and solid locks in place with no wiggles or looseness at all…zero play. Very easy to manipulate the lock one handed to close also with a positive action that’s second to none. The blade….what can I say, it’s got proportions that give it the feel of confidence and control of a tool meant for business. Give it the attention it deserves when sharpening and it will reward you with an edge thats sharp (as hel:) and stays sharp. Overall, I can say I’d bought one for sure, but I was fortunate the river gave it up. Aquire one and you’ll be pleased I guarantee…

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