Coast BX316 Knife Review

The Coast BX316 has been with me for a few months now. Coast Portland offered to send me this knife for testing and review, and I am glad they did. For some, the BX316 might be a bit large for an EDC knife but not for me. I‘ve used this knife for a wide range of everyday tasks like opening boxes and mail, whittling wood, cutting rope and more.

The BX316 has a good sized rubberized handle that feels terrific in the hand. Several friends were asked to give first impressions of the knife. Without fail, they all said, “The handle is awesome.” I think so too. In fact, I‘ve not had another knife that has provided such a secure grip and I‘ve carried a pocket knife since I was ten. The hand just fits the shape of the hand and the textured rubber really gives some grip. Notches, or jimping for you knife gurus, can be found on the spine of the knife. If you like to put your thumb on there for added control, these notches help to hold the thumb in place.

Coast BX316 Knife
Coast BX316 Knife

The Coast BX316 uses their lock back blade lock. This system has been used on knives for years. When the blade is fully opened a spring engages the locking mechanism. Press down on the lever at the end of the handle to release the lock and close the blade. The spring tension is good and I‘ve had no issues with accidental release. A clip is provided on the handle. Two screws can be removed to switch the clip to either side of the BX316. Be sure and heat the screws with a hair dryer to release thread locking adhesive holding them in place.

Coast BX316 Knife
Coast BX316 Knife

The blade of the Coast BX316 is made of 7CR17 stainless steel. Metallurgy is not my strong suit but from what I gather, this steel resists staining and corrosion really well. The blade has held its edge and is plenty stiff. When the knife first arrived the blade was scary sharp. This is a good thing because a dull knife really can be more dangerous than a sharp one and dull knives are no fun to use. Even now, the blade feels sharp and slices paper. For the sort of uses I have for a knife this steel is good. A nice sized hole in the blade makes one handed opening a snap.

Coast BX316 Knife
Coast BX316 Knife

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The overall length of the BX316 is 8.6 inches. The blade length is 3.75 inches and the knife weighs in at 3.6 ounces or 102 grams. Closed, the BX316 measures 4.9 inches and it is about 5/8 inches thick, not including the clip. The knife has been carried in my front pocket without any trouble. I tend to not use the clip but it is there for those who prefer that method of carry.

The Coast BX316 retails for $23.99. The knife is well worth the price in my opinion. The BX 316 is backed by Coast‘s lifetime warranty against defects and workmanship. Head over to the Coast website by clicking here.

I‘d like to thank Coast for providing the BX316 for testing and review. We have budgets just like everyone else and being able to pass along information helps us to pay it forward in a way to benefit everyone.

– Mark

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Cyrus Echols

I found mine while wading the Taccoa River. I’m sure someone is bummed out over losing it. It’s everything and more in my opinion. The rubber handle, perfect for situations when grip is paramount. Thumb hole is the best for one hand open and solid locks in place with no wiggles or looseness at all…zero play. Very easy to manipulate the lock one handed to close also with a positive action that’s second to none. The blade….what can I say, it’s got proportions that give it the feel of confidence and control of a tool meant for business. Give it the attention it deserves when sharpening and it will reward you with an edge thats sharp (as hel:) and stays sharp. Overall, I can say I’d bought one for sure, but I was fortunate the river gave it up. Aquire one and you’ll be pleased I guarantee…

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