Böker Plus Lancer 42 G10

Böker Plus Lancer 42 G10

Boker is one of my favorite knife brands, and their Böker Plus Lancer 42 G10 is one of the reasons why. By working with innovative designers, they can offer quality knives with great features. This particular knife was designed by Serge Panchenko. I’m a 2nd generation American whose grandfather came from Ukraine, and have a … Read more

CRKT Amicus knife, designed by Jesper Voxnaes

When I first handled the Amicus™from CRKT®, I was surprised by the heft. With a weight of 6.7 ounces, it’s no lightweight. But once I opened the blade, I found it to be nicely balanced. For a knife that’s all steel, that’s no easy task. Of course, with a name like Amicus, which means friend … Read more

Coast FDX 300 and 302 Knives Shipping in March

This March, Coast FDX 300 and 302 knives will begin shipping. These knives will feature a patent pending locking system that combines two of the blade locks offered by Coast. The strong, easy to use Frame-Lock and the patented, adjustable tension Double-Lock system will provide an extra secure blade lock. The Double-Lock system is a … Read more