Coast FDX 300 and 302 Knives Shipping in March

This March, Coast FDX 300 and 302 knives will begin shipping. These knives will feature a patent pending locking system that combines two of the blade locks offered by Coast. The strong, easy to use Frame-Lock and the patented, adjustable tension Double-Lock system will provide an extra secure blade lock. The Double-Lock system is a Coast exclusive feature.

When the blade on the Coast FDX knives is opened, the Frame-Lock automatically engages locking the blade in place. For added safety, the user can push the Double-Lock switch on the top of the handle forward to engage the Double-Lock system. Push the Double Lock switch back and release the Frame-Lock to close the knife again. The Double Lock system has an adjustable tension. Just turn the tension mechanism to the right to tighten and to the left lower the tension for the Double Lock.

The Coast FDX 300 with glass bead finish
The Coast FDX 300 with glass bead finish

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The Coast FDX 300 and 302 utility knives have an open frame construction that is both light and solid with a unique handle pattern. The frames are heat treated for strength and available in a glass bead finish or Titanium Nitride gray coating. The handles are ergonomically designed with chamfered handle openings. The contoured shape design enables a firm, comfortable grip. Thumb-notching on the top of the blade provides a non-slip pressure point during heavy cutting.

The Coast FDX 302 with Titanium Nitride gray coating
The Coast FDX 302 with Titanium Nitride gray coating

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Both Coast FDX models weigh 4 ounces and have a 3-inch drop-point blade. The overall length of the knives is 7.5 inches. The tough, durable blades are rigorously tested for sharpness and are constructed of 7Cr17 stainless steel. The blades are precision ground, heat treaded, cryogenically treated and finally tempered for flexibility. Brass bushings are used to provide smooth and reliable blade movement. Ambidextrous blade thumb studs are included to allow for right or left hand blade opening.

Coast FDX 300 and 302 knives
Coast FDX 300 and 302 knives

The FDX 300 and 302 knives have a pocket clip with three mounting positions for increased convenience and easier more secure carrying. To move the pocket clip, heat the screws for a minute with a blow dryer. The heat softens thread locking adhesive on the screws and allows easy removal. The adhesive holds the screws in place very well. I forgot to heat the screws on my Coast knife and was unable to remove them while they were cool. A lanyard hole is also provided for added flexibility in carrying and added versatility.

These knives will be shipping March, 2016 and the suggested retail is $23.99. Click here to check out the COAST website. As with COAST‘s entire product line, the FDX300 and FDX302 are backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship.

– Mark

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