Because bikes are just so damn convenient

I’d have to say that 75% of the Google Alerts I get are total crap. Bad links, or links to something 3 years old are pretty worthless.

I still scroll through them though, to see if there’s anything good, since I’ve been preoccupied with my life away from the computer, and haven’t had time to pester anyone important for something good. And it seems like lately, bike news falls into one of two categories. Either someone, somewhere, is passing a law, or enforcing existing laws related to cyclists, or bikes are being used for serious crimes. Now, helmet laws for kids 16 and under are not really a bad thing. Go ahead and enforce them. But I’m surprised by how many times lately I’ve read about thugs and thieves using bicycles in the course of committing a crime. They’re the new cheap car, you don’t even need a few hundred bucks to score some getaway wheels.

Bikes are just so damn convenient.

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