Better than Oprah’s Book Club!

It’s always nice to know that someone is actually reading what I write. So I do make some time to read other cycling related blogs. And since the guy that writes the KC Bike Commuting blog is also a member of, I thought I’d give him a plug.

He describes it as “One man’s transition from driving 60-80 miles every weekday, to riding a bike for almost all errands and to the bus as part of his daily commute. Highlights include rants, humor, frequent photographs taken while riding, bike news, and advice for commuters.” It’s quite a good read, and I suggest you take a look. When you’re done here of course.

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Thanks for the link! I like reading Blogs, especially of the cyclist kind. Keep up the good work, you’re off to a great start.


I followed KC from BF also. The early posts in which he describes his transition to biking are especially cool to read.

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