Bike Recalls Prove That Our Readers Are Better Riders

We’re going to use two recent bicycle recalls as proof that readers are better riders than your average Jane or Joe WalMart shopper. Case in point: WalMart’s ill-famed NEXT brand has yet another recall, this time for chains that break. I have dropped my chain dozens of times, and broken two  – one while racing BMX, and the other was the timing chain on our tandem. None of those incidents caused me to “lose  control and fall”. I may have lost speed, and fallen behind, but there were no” cuts and bumps” involved. Note the $99 bike in question below is a hybrid, not a child’s bike.

DETAILS: “NEXT”-branded men‘s 26-inch hybrid bicycles, manufactured in China for Bridgeway International of Naples, Fla., and sold nationwide at Walmart stores from February through July. The red or orange bikes have model numbers LBH2611M and LBH2611M2 located on the frame between the pedals.

WHY: The bicycle chain can break, which could cause the rider to lose control and fall.

INCIDENTS: There have been 11 reports of the chain breaking, including nine involving cuts and bumps.

HOW MANY: About 91,000.

FOR MORE: Call 877-934-3228; visit

Compare that to the recall of Specialized’s carbon forks, as found on bikes ranging from $700 to $2,000. Yes, carbon forks again. (The only carbon fork I would ever use myself would be one included in my camping cookware) But the recall mentions brakes breaking off and coming in contact with the spokes. That’s a sure recipe for disaster, yet no injuries have been reported. Proof positive that educated consumers who don’t buy their bicycles where they buy diapers are better cyclists.


DETAILS: The recall involves nine 2011 model year bicycles made with Advanced Group carbon forks ‘” the component that connects the wheel to the bike ‘” distributed by Specialized Bicycle Components Inc., of Morgan Hill, Calif. The bikes are Sirrus Expert, Sirrus Comp, Sirrus Elite, Vita Expert, Vita Comp, Vita Elite, Vita Elite Step Thru, Tricross Sport, Tricross, and Tricross Comp, and all have the brand name “Specialized” on the lower front frame tube. The bikes were sold at authorized Specialized retailers nationwide from June 2010 through August 2011.

WHY: The brake component housed within the bicycle‘s carbon fork can come apart from the fork, which could allow the brake assembly to contact the wheel spokes while rotating.

INCDIENTS: Two reports of the brake component disengaging from the carbon fork. No injuries.

HOW MANY: About 14,200.

FOR MORE: Call 877-808-8154; visit .

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