February 22, 2024
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Paul in Cin City

That seriously stinks. I’m not only saddened, but angered too and those are two bad emotions to share the same soul. I didn’t recognize his forum name at first (I haven’t been active on the forum lately. Sorry.) but when I saw the picture of the “pac man” helmet I immediately knew who he was. As I recall, he was always a positive poster with a dry wit.

When I started cycling for transportation (and fun) many years ago I had to constantly reassure my Mom I was safe. My Dad on the other hand knew that I might get killed, but how much I enjoyed it. He understood that a lot of the great things in life don’t come without risk.

I don’t strongly adhere to one particular religion (after exploring many) but I know that Charles/Shiznas is someplace better, where there are no drunk drivers, doing what he loved to do.

My heart goes out to his family and loved ones as they grieve and adjust.


So young, so sudden, so sad. *sigh*


That’s terrible!

Dr. Benway

Unimaginably tragic. Charlie was a true inspiration and a really solid cat. We’ll be riding in his honor tomorrow night -Friday August 17 – and celebrating his life. We won’t let his loss be in vain.


All the best to his family. I’m reading some of his cycling his trip reports now

A life well lived. Way too short. All the best to his family.

Would love to read any follow ups regarding the driver james…


Thanks for posting his blog link. It’s amazing, (and sad in this case,) who much more “close” to someone you can feel just by reading about a part of their life.

For as much garbage there is on the internet it’s truly amazing that in five minutes you can “know” someone a bit by reading about their interests, hobbies, views, and life goals.


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