BIKETUBE Tire Pliers

BIKETUBE has come out with a new product called Tire Pliers. If you’ve spent a lot of time on the trail or road with your bike, you have probably needed to remove the chain. This could have been for maintenance, or worse, a mid-ride disaster. So how about a tire lever and chain tool combination so light and compact you can take it with you on every ride? Because owning a bike with a master link on your chain can be troublesome at times. And having the right tool for the job always helps.

Bike Tube’s Tire Pliers multi-purpose tool is built with a Swiss-made plastic that is not only tough but lightweight too. The sleek and streamline design allows you to carry this tool anywhere. Whether you simply slip it in your jersey pocket, leaving plenty of room for other necessities, or stow it on your bike. So how do you use the Tire Pliers? Well, just connect the two tire levers together at the cut-outs, and place the tire pliers onto your chain, while making sure the jaws line up to your chain. From here on, give the tool a squeeze to release the link allowing you to remove the chain. Reinstalling the chain and link doesn’t require any tools and typically the chain will be forced back together fully with your next forward turn of the pedals.

BIKETUBE contacted Industry Outsider a month or two ago introducing us to the Tire Pliers. Above all, I was really curious about how well they would actually work. All things considered, I’ve been riding regularly for five or six years now using both good and bad tools along the way. BIKETUBE has made the Tire Pliers really compact and easy to carry around whereever I go. Using the tool at home and our local non-profit bike shop, they really are quite handy. As you might imagine, operating the tire lever part of the tool is just like any other tire lever. It seems that BIKETUBE has been quite consistent on making every part of this tool useful.

In conclusion, BIKETUBE’s Tire Pliers can be used by any novice shade-tree bike mechanic, to an expert bike mechanic. In addition, there is really no other tool in the bike industry like the Tire Pliers. Even better, BIKETUBE offers them at a very affordable price of $12! No doubt, with a price like that everyone should have one in their bike toolkit.


Check out BIKETUBE and their Tire Pliers here.

Thanks to BIKETUBE for sending out the Tire Pliers for me to test and review. The Tire Pliers are sure to be with me on every ride from now on.

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