The BIOLOGIC Bike Mount ™for iPhone 4

BIOLOGIC Bike Mount™for iPhone 4

The Bike Mount™for iPhone 4 is the fourth bar-mounted iPhone case I have tested for my own use, and I’m happy to say it is probably the best one I’ve purchased so far. I use my iPhone for many purposes while riding, and it allows me to utilize my phone while riding in any weather. It holds the iPhone securely and allows me to access the headphone jack and cameras if I choose to do so. It also mounts to standard handlebars securely. So far, the Bike Mount™for iPhone 4 has performed flawlessly for over a year of regular commuting.

It sports a well designed clamshell case that securely holds an iPhone 4 for long distance riding and commuting. It has a perfectly preformed, protective high-density elastomeric interior liner that envelops the iPhone 4 in a shock resistant casing. This protective liner is encased in a chrome steel pinned, hinged clamshell hard case that has two positive locking devices. The first locking barrier is moisture resist sealing ridge, locking edge. When you place you iPhone in the case and press the edge together you get a satisfying snap and positive lock snugly holding your phone in place. You would think this would be all the Bike Mount™would need, but the designers decided to ensure your phone would be secured by adding a double pivot-locking latch that reinforces the ridge locking system.

Mounting system

The Bike Mount™for iPhone 4 case has a perfectly positioned welded-film touchscreen and a sealed home button that effectively keeps out weather and road dirt. The touch screen functions well, requiring only slightly heavier touch than the iPhone‘s own screen. An elastomeric plug that is permanently attached to the case protects the headphone jack. You can access the headphone jack without removing the phone from the case. When using the port, the jack makes a seal against the elastomeric inner liner further protecting the phone from weather and dirt while the plug is removed. The designers also added clear plastic lenses in the camera spots on the back side and the front side of the case, and I have actually used them to record video while riding. It also has provisions for a power jack in the bottom of the case if you want to add it later.

BIOLOGIC Bike Mount™for iPhone 4

The entire Bike Mount™for iPhone 4 case is removable from the mounting system with a simple locking tang. All hinges and pivot locks are chrome steel pined for strength. The mounting system adapts to nearly any 38mm or smaller handlebar and will adopt any angle needed for viewing ease. The case is also compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G with the 3GS/3G silicone liner and a model designed to hold an iPhone 5 that are sold separately.

Note that the mounting system for the Bike Mount™for iPhone 4 is secure for most usage in touring and commuting applications, but does allow a bit of rotation on the bar in rough areas. I was able to halt this rotation by adding just the smallest amount of contact cement to the clamp/bar joint. This fix has lasted more than a year now.

In over a year of use I have not had a single issue with my Bike Mount™for iPhone 4. It has effectively kept my iPhone out of the elements and allowed it to be viewed and used without error or issue. On average I commute 40+ miles a week and routinely expose this case to rough terrain, rain and the sandiest, dirtiest and saltiest climate South Florida has to offer. It’s not only performed well, it has exceeded the manufacturer’s claims in durability and functionality. The case still looks good too!

– Sheldon


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