Get Out!

This is the first post of 2014, which also marks the start of our 8th year of The site started out with one lone, nearly clueless hack (myself), and has since grown into something a little bigger. In addition to myself and Mrs. Outsider, we have had over a dozen contributors in the last few years, with five or six of them still writing for us regularly. Backing them up is another group of volunteers that takes some of the gear we review out into the field. Their opinions are included in the feedback that shapes our reviews. We also have staff that helps with the IT side, SEO, and social media. While we might technically not be a magazine yet, we’ve turned the site into more than just the simple blog it was seven years ago.

So what’s up with the “Get Out!” title? Well, that seemed like a good theme for the site in 2014. We want our readers to get out more. Doesn’t matter if you’re walking the dog, going on a day hike, or heading out for an epic all day mountain bike ride. Just get out. It’s my personal goal too. Work less, play more. To that end, we hope to bring you all sorts of cool gear for the activities we enjoy. That means more cycling, camping, running, hiking, and any other fun sports and pastimes we can share. In other words, more “bikes and stuff”. I bring that up because every once in a while, someone asks about that tagline. David Turner, my friend and co-worker, once introduced me to his wife by stating “This is Brian. He writes about bikes and stuff”, to which I replied “Mostly stuff”. It was a modest acknowledgement at the time that my writing was nothing special. On January 2nd, 2011, Dave passed away. And it was only at his funeral that we learned about all the time he had spent outdoors camping, hiking, water skiing, and even being “the guy with the guitar” around campfires. So the beginning of each new year brings a reminder that we should spend more time outdoors. Get Out!

– Brian

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