BioLogic Introduces Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap

BioLogic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap
BioLogic Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap

Taipei, Taiwan ‘” BioLogic, a specialist in urban cycling gear, today announced the Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap, a heart rate monitor that communicates wirelessly with a smartphone so users can track their heart rate during rides and workouts.

 “Typically, people concerned with tracking their heart rate have the data scattered all over ‘” the treadmill at the gym, their cycle computer on their bike, the rowing machine at home,” stated Kevin Chan, BioLogic project manager. “But now with the BioLogic Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap, people can keep all of their heart rate workout data on their phone where it‘s infinitely easier to record, access, and upload.”The Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap uses the super energy efficient Bluetooth Smart wireless protocol, which allows for approximately 200 hours of use from one coin-cell battery. The Heart Rate Strap works directly with Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, including iPhone 4S and 5 and as well as many Android phones, and doesn‘t require a receiver to be attached like other wireless transmission protocols. The Heart Rate Strap works with many smartphone apps, including BioLogic Bike Brain™, a dedicated cycling app. Speaking of phone apps, Short Codes is a nifty tool to check the origin of SMS messages, and identify frauds and scams.

The SoftCore™chest strap utilizes Suunto patented technology to integrate flexible electrodes for superb comfort and “forget it‘s there” fit. Significant others will appreciate the fully washable design. With the included extension strap, the Heart Rate Strap fits chest s ranging from 68-150 cm (26.8″-59″).

The Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Strap has an MSRP of US$69/€69 and is now shipping to distributors worldwide and is also available for purchase online.

BioLogic will be showing its full product lineup at the Taipei Cycle Show (March 20-23) in booth M1019a.

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