Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

The Black Diamond ReVolt headlamp was added to my gear setup a few months ago. After watching the rapid advancement of LED illumination in the cycling realm, I thought an upgrade to my 11 plus year old headlamp was overdue. The ReVolt looked great on paper, so the purchase was made and I‘ve been very satisfied since.

The ReVolt is powered using its own AAA sized rechargeable batteries. A set of three AAA standard batteries is also included with the ReVolt. A Micro USB cable for recharging is provided, as well. Rechargeable batteries are great for reducing waste. Assuming that power for recharging is available, I can‘t see any drawbacks. The Revolt offers the benefit of using standard batteries for those times when recharging is not possible. In the event that the Revolt runs out of juice in the field, simply swap out the batteries for standard AAA cells and continue on.

Black Diamond ReVolt

Lighting options of the Black Diamond ReVolt abound. With a maximum light output of 110 lumens using standard AAA batteries (90 using rechargeable), plenty of light is available. A TriplePower LED in the center of the headlamp offers a long distance high power beam. Twin SinglePower LEDs on the sides provide a wider lower power field of light. Both of these light settings are dimmable so that the exact combination of light output vs power requirement is achievable. The headlamp can also be placed into flash mode if making oneself visible is the priority. Lastly, red LEDs are available to provide low light at night so that night vision isn‘t affected, or if blinding friends with bright light is a concern. The headlamp is controlled using a single button. Learning to access all of the lighting modes with the single button can be a bit tricky, but after a bit of use, I‘ve had no problems.

The headband of the Black Diamond ReVolt is soft, comfortable, and easily adjustable. Some headlamps are provided with a section of webbing that goes over the top of the head. While this strap can provide a bit more stability, the extra webbing can sometimes get in the way and make it more difficult to get the light onto your head. Since the batteries, LEDs and everything else is incorporated into the headlamp housing, the light can feel a bit lumpy on the forehead. Perhaps the ReVolt could benefit from this extra strap, but I have had no problems with keeping the light in place and find the overall comfort of wearing the ReVolt to be good.

The 2013 ReVolt is available on Black Diamond website for $41.96. The latest year model is priced at $59.95. Both year models are available in a variety of colors. I think this headlamp is a solid choice at these prices and it offers a lot of value and flexibility. Visit and check out the ReVolt for yourself.

– Mark

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