Boker 1674 Limited Edition Knives

Upon finding out that their iconic tree was used in a Boker coat of arms as far back as 1674, Boker released a limited edition run of anniversary knives. There are classic designs, as well as some newer ones. Each model is limited to 343 pieces. Of course, they are serialized, and include a certificate as well. Can you think of a better way to celebrate 343 years of Boker?  While I won’t cover each one, here are a few of my favorites. Below, you’ll find a link to the full list.

First up is the Scout 1674. This classic lockback has an N690 blade and Amboina wood handles. It sports a 3.14 inch (8cm) blade, and an overall length of 7.2 inches (18.5cm). It’s sized right for every day carry, and isn’t too much for hiking and camping.

Boker Scout 1674
Boker Scout 1674

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If you’re more of a fixed blade fan, the new Vollingetral 2.0 1674 might suit your fancy. Same Amboina wood handles, and similar finish. But the 440C blade is a more robust 4.65 inches (11.8cm), for an overall length of 9.45 inches (24cm). I wouldn’t recommend this for every day use, unless you work strictly outdoors. But it sure is a fine looking knife.

Vollingetral 2.0 1674
Boker Vollingetral 2.0 1674

For the more practical carry, check out the Quadro 1674. Knife blade, saw blade with a bottle opener, a gutting blade, and an indispensable corkscrew. All you need for work or play. In my opinion, this is the essential “gentleman’s knife”. Despite the gutting blade, it doesn’t scream tactical or hunting. And you can slice bread and cheese after uncorking a bottle of your favorite picnic wine. That’s in addition to a standard blade that covers all the usual knife tasks.

Boker Quadro 1674
Boker Quadro 1674

As I mentioned, I’m just sharing a few of my favorites. To see them all, click here. Be sure to check with your local dealer or favorite online retailer for pricing. Many times, you’ll find them below MSRP. Act quickly though, as with only 343 of each available, they probably won’t last long.


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