Boker Balisong Bottle Opener

Boker recently sent us their Balisong Bottle Opener for review. This tactical bar tool is based on a butterfly knife, but without the blade. Instead, the black handles are contrasted nicely by a stonewash finished 440 steel bottle opener. At about 8-1/4 inches and 4.5 ounces, it feels like a proper butterfly knife. Just pop the lock with your pinkie finger, and with a few flips of the wrist, you’re ready to take on those pop tops.

As soon as it arrived, several of my coworkers had to show off their skills. With a deft twist, it was opened in a blur of spinning metal. Since there is no actual blade, even the novice among us had fun giving it a try. Unfortunately, I had to wait until after hours to test the bottle opener function. Needless to say, it passed with flying colors.

Boker Balisong Bottle Opener
Boker Balisong Bottle Opener

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This is one of those gifts that’s affordable (around $20), and fun to have around. Whenever it’s taken out, everyone plays with it, and someone always has a story about a butterfly knife. It’s a fun conversation piece. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s not a serious tool though. No bottle was able to defeat this opener. And whether open or closed, it locks up pretty tight, with no rattles. That’s a sure sign of quality. Boker even ships them in a nice gift/presentation box. Classy.

Boker Balisong Bottle Opener
Boker Balisong Bottle Opener

When shopping for a gift, I like to give something unique. And the Balisong Bottle Opener fits that description well. While Boker is known for making high quality knives, they’re not usually at “stocking stuffer” prices. In other words, this is your chance to give someone the gift of Boker, without breaking the bank. Currently, it’s available in gold, rainbow, or tactical black. Personally, I prefer the black finish. Because it lets those bottles know you mean business. With the holidays coming up, now is the time to grab a couple. Not only do they do make great gifts, but you’ll want one for yourself too. BokerUSA.


A special thanks to Boker for providing their Balisong Bottle Opener for this review. It’s always a pleasant change to review something different. And if the review means hanging out with friends, and having a few cold ones, even better.



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