Bollé© Tsar ski and snowboarding goggles

The Bollé© Tsar goggles arrived just in time to replace my old goggles that had a lens crack right down the center. This was my first pair of Bollé©‘s. My wife has a pair of Bollé© goggles and has loved them, but I was unsure how I would like them. To test them out, I headed to Deer Valley in Park City, UT to go skiing with a friend. Five inches of fresh Utah powder had fallen overnight and it was still snowing as we picked up our passes from the ticket office.

Bollé© Tsar goggles
Bollé© Tsar goggles

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I knew was going to like these new Bollé© Tsar‘s just after taking them out of the box. They felt like a solid pair of goggles that I could use for years to come. Bollé© states these are anti-scratch and anti-fog.  With it still snowing, this was going to be a great test to see how these features would do. On the first lift ride, the goggles kept fogging up. I worked on adjusting my helmet and my balaclava. As I did that, the goggles cleared up and my visibility improved. Bollé© uses Flow Tech Venting and double lenses to help reduce fogging. I could tell this technology works, but you have to make sure the top of the goggle is unobstructed, to allow airflow. The visibility through the goggles, even with the snow coming down, was pretty good.

Because of the snow coming down I kept wiping the lenses with my gloves. I checked at the end of the day and could not see any scratches.

Fit and Adjustment

Fit and feel are the most important areas to me about any piece of equipment. If it doesn‘t feel right or fit well, you aren‘t going to enjoy using the item.  These goggles met all of my expectations. It was easy to adjust the strap to fit my helmet and the body of the goggles fit well to my face.  The BFlex foam is comfortable against the face and does not feel bulky or cheap. Because the goggles wrap around the face a bit, it almost feels like the goggles are not really there. At times I forgot I was wearing goggles because of the feel and the unobstructed view.  This helped me focus on the fluffy powder and not on my equipment as I was going down the runs.

Bollé© Tsar goggles
Bollé© Tsar goggles


Bollé© has the Tsar Matte Black Neon with Green Emerald lens model I used listed for $129. While there are a number of different goggles out there in on the market, this is a good buy for the quality of the product.

I would recommend these goggles to anyone. The anti-fog and anti-scratch features set these ski goggles part from other goggles I have used before. Bollé©‘s BFlex ensures comfort and quality for a full day of skiing or boarding. Check these and other products out at

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